So what Regt Is For The Chop???

I personally think its between 26 and 40, pro;s and cons for both.

NI is costing the Army a fortune but then so is Germany, one i have heard is disband 26, move 40 to Leuchers, black watch to ballykinler, Rifles to replace 40 in Lisburn.

Just one of the crazy ideas floating about

Whats the Gunners views on this?, any other rumors flying about



26 are taking over from 7RHA, moving to the Shot and are getting FH70 back, which will be HALO air-dropped from an Airbus 330, also equipped with AWACS so the clerks have someting to do en-route.

And thats official.

Deleted 20555

I can imagine the beancounters are sitting around saying things like " Why exactly do we still have those tank things?" just about now.

The Secretary of State announced on Monday that, in accordance with the SDSR decision to reduce the Army by one deployable brigade, 19 Lt Bde will be disbanded. This measure will result in the resubordination of 40 Regt RA’s three Tac Group Btys to other regiments, and the placing into suspended animation of the Regiment. At the same time the remaining MRB close support regiments will convert one AS90 battery to Lt Gun. Whilst the detail will follow in a comprehensive implementation order, the following key points will be of interest:

· By Jan 12, it is planned that 6/36 (Arcot 1751) Bty Tac Gp and 38 (Seringapatam) Bty Tac Gp will have been resubordinated to 4 Regt RA and 19 Regt RA respectively.

· In Apr 12, 137 (Java) Bty will recover to NI having supported 26 Regt RA on Op HERRICK 15. The Bty Tac Gp is planned to resubordinate to 26 Regt RA in Nov 12.

· By Apr 12, five AS90 batteries (one from each MRB close support regiment) will have converted from AS90 to Lt Gun.

· In Jun 12 it is planned to hold a parade in Edinburgh to celebrate the service and sacrifice of 40 Regt RA, and to mark its impending placing into suspended animation.

· In Dec 12, following the Regiment’s support to MST for Op HERRICK 17, 40 Regt RA (less the resubordinated tac group batteries) and

49 (Inkerman) HQ Bty will be placed into suspended animation.

The tactical group batteries will retain their battery numbers and Honour Titles, and therefore their heritage and property will be transferred with them to their new regiments. To ensure that the legacy of the Lowland Gunners lives on, certain Scottish elements of 40 Regt RA will be transferred to 19 Regt RA in order to form the “Scottish Gunners” where the identity of both Highland and Lowland Gunners will be represented.
Wheres that article / release from ?

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