So what lights your fire??

Hmmmm. Do you get to look out of windows often?

Typical RAF though, thinking anyone is interested in a bloody plane.....
I was looking forward to a picture of a lovely-looking girl in uniform and instead you post an image of a very old areoplane with a parachute trailing behind it.


I think you will find that adastra may have failed at trying to get into the Int Corps at some time in his past. He quite often trawls through this forum casting some crap rhetoric about our Corps. Like a typical RAF Int guy, his breadth of vision is limited to the capabilities of his own service. He has also made a fool of himself by compromising the IDs of RAF personnel who have gone on to do some other stuff in NI in the past by pm'ing them to other users of this site. As such I tend to ignore him.

....and matches of course!
adastra said:
spindler said:
Well at least you silenced him for a few days :):):)
So what happened to Spindler then???
Adastra burning over a pyre! KILL HIM, KILL HIM, KILL HIM!!!!

That's what lights my fire, doing Adastra in Joan of Arc styleeee!!! :twisted: :twisted:

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