so, what IS the correct dress for sports events?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by massivegeoff, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. i'm an ACF officer, and have recently been made the county sports officer (along with a bunch of other stuff...this is supposed to be a HOBBY!) in the past when going to sports events i have worn what i THOUGHT was the correct rig, ie tweed jacket, cords (i don't own moleskins at the moment), county tie and a flat cap. i have seen senior officers at regional and national events wear this and i assumed it was de rigour. however, i get a bit of flack from my county HQ staff for dressing like a farmer! when i was at the factory back in the day we always wore a blazer (preferably the issue kevlar one). doesn't bother me too much as these are also the guys who insist that i can't wear barrack dress at county hq in the office because it's a "made up form of dress".

    just curious.
  2. What the correct dress for watching sport is, I have no idea.

    For participating, though, the correct dress is surely red singlet, hugely-voluminous navy blue cotton shorts, and a pair of black issue plimsolls.

    All the best,

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  3. Wear what you want. You're a civvy, and it's your own free time.
  4. What sort of sports are you obliged to oversee? - from the description of your apparel it rather sounds as though the cadets are chasing after otters.
  5. If it was good enough for us to have worn while facing-down Ivan, it should be bloody-well good enough now.
  6. euan1.jpg

    It is a sports event after all
  7. Didn't you just get married?
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  8. Blazer, grey trousers and a tie. Regimental tie is OK but better is a sporting colous tie or the tie of a recognisable club. It doesn't have to be the sport you're attending; MCC would be pretty good. Oh, and a clipboard. Clipboards give you unlimited access to whatever facilities are available and ensure that no-one asks what you're doing
  9. Dress warm in winter, cool in summer and don't forget a brolly!

    Genuine question, are there any ACF officers who are there for the kids rather than to provide sustainance for fragile egos?

    Having read these threads from inadequate wallys, there is no way I would let my kids within ten miles of an ACF Walt!

    A pox on you OP and the horse you rode in on!

    PS Mods can we establish a sep' thread for ACF Officers please?
  10. Floral dress looks good, would like to see more Laura Ashley on the winning line, crotchless knickers are a must, as the parents 3 legged race you need ample ventilation,
  11. thanks for all the suggestions, helpful and otherwise. intrigued by the laura ashley idea and i LOVE the shell suit! next county event is the football...last year the commandant, apparently, insisted that all officers/WOs attending came in suits...i wore jeans! was just wondering if it's actually written down somewhere or is it just one of those customs that gentlemen are supposed to know about, like how to correctly salute whilst wearing a panama. anyway, where did i put my horse?
  12. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    rolled up towel and a bottle opener. for the 100 litre run .i
  13. Hang on. You're a cadet officer? Meaning an adult instructor? A grown up? Wear your most semen resistant synthetic clothing and hang around the change rooms...

    Fancy being told what to wear in your own time by another civvy.
    Hang yourself.
  14. I have now heard it all!

    I can not believe that the ACF is full of wooden top and 'dilly cowboy walts!

    Have you considered the tiny possibility that your ACF officer mates have pinged you as a social climbing half wit who is so obsessed by the "status" your part time scout master's job conveys that they are having endless fun winding you up by pointing out "deficiencies" in your dress?

    Can't wear bk dress in the office? Have to wear your best suit to trample round a muddy rugger field? Are you really that stupid?

    PS If you are wearing a suit, a gentleman would wear a trilby or a bowler and black shoes.
    The suit should have at least four buttons on the cuff.
    You only wear a flat cap with a sports jacket and then you wear brown brogues.
    You always leave the bottom button on your jacket and waistcoat undone.
    Wear brown leather gloves in the country and black leather in town.
    Wear a brown camel hair overcoat in the country and a black crombie in town.
    Officers don't have windsor knots on their ties.
    A gentleman would NEVER wear a blazer with a badge on it.
    Put your cigarettes in a case not in a packet.
    Wash behind your ears and brush your teeth.
    Go and commit hari kari you anachronistic,humoutless git
  15. just to let everyone know...i ended up wearing the flat cap and tweeds. (i do own brown brogues, churches of course, but i didn't want to get them all mess up.) the brigade sports officer (a lieutenant-colonel) showed up in his flat cap (with no tie but what the hell). later the commandant showed up. he had a quick chat with all the adults before the final parade. just got the cadet RSM to get the kids together (about 100 of them) and the commandant strolls off. where had he gone? back to his car to get his flat cap!

    PS black shoes in town, brown in the country
    thin pinstripes close together rahter than thick far apart (and they meet at the shoulder au naturelle)
    left hand in pocket whilst walking, never the right
    jacket button done up whilst walking, undone when standing
    whisky or whiskey drunk neat, gin drunk with a mixer
    pay well, command well and hang well
    learn how to spell hara kiri