So what is Aberdeen like?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by EX_STAB, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Just seen a job in Aberdeen that would suit me. It's permanent though rather than a contract so I would expect to move up there.

    What's Aberdeen like to live in? Outlying areas that are commutable would be of interest too. Preferably on the coast.

  2. Property certainly seems to be mindwateringly expensive to buy or rent.
  3. Aberdeen grey but has everything you need and would expect in a city.Surrounding area is beautiful north of city Balmedie and around worth a look as Donald Trump is due to build a major Golf and Leisure complex,which should only add to the value of local property.

  4. Golf and expensive property. Hmmmm..... that's not selling it to me! :)
  5. Docks in the evening?How far are you willing to commute?
  6. Aberdeen itself is indeed grey and the house prices are high due to the oil business up there, as said some of the outer parts and villages are lovely but again you'll need plenty of dough cos they ain't cheap
  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Mate of mine moved there a while back - whenever we wanted a laugh we used to send him details of his weekly weatherforecast with witty comments about rain, snow, sleet and building up his blubber layer.
  8. Nice beaches, great country pubs, hillwalking, orienteering, golf, climbing, ski ing ........... does that help?

    Home of the once mighty Dons, university old town with St Machar's Cathedral and cobbled streets, city centre horrible, so live out and commute in. Countryside around is stunning.

    Best of all is you will have an endless supply of rowies!
  9. I suppose the deerstalking would be good. :)
  10. In short Aberdeen itself is an overpriced junkie ridden shitehole. If you want near the coast but commutable avoid Peterhead/Fraserburgh like the plague (no matter what anyone says to the contrary, this is one bit of advice you will thank me for!!)

    Outwith there are some cracking areas to live with plenty to do leisure wise. Aberdeen has become a distinctly average night out although there is plenty of entertainment......
  11. And yes the deerstalking is good!!
  12. When it's raining - which is most of the time - the roads are grey, the buildings are grey, the skies are grey - and the people are grey.

    That said, I worked there a long time ago and liked it. I went back a few years ago and stopped for lunch in Inverurie (where the choohktas come from and where I used to live) and it's a really nice little town, and about 15-20 miles from Aberdeen.
  13. Lived there for three years and couldn't agree more. The only colour is in the limited shop windows as even cars seem to dye into a neutral grey mist that will penetrate your soul. Avoid.
  14. Its like Glasgow , minus the drunks with witty banter and personality! Find Glaswegians hard to understand? These cone heids will blow your mind with there "Ken" and "Like" at the end of EVERY feeking sentence.

    Best thing about Aberdeen is the scenery, gorgeous that I'll give them. Shit Football team though.. prod poke..... anyone biting???
  15. Except the ginger ones...... they're just dark ginger when wet.