So what have you photographed lately?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 1stgulfmac, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. I thought that you didn't need permission if it is in a public place. That's what the coppers keep saying about the camera crew in the police reality programmes. Maybe Scotland is different.

    Then again, maybe he lives in a house with a pavement coal hole that he has converted to an observation window - a pervs equivalent to a bird hide.

    70,000 photos in a place with a population of 220,000. He can't have been much short of the full set.
  2. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Depends on what sort of pictures he has taken , perhaps she was pregnant in a bikini and on holiday , STUMPS ME .
  3. So he wanks off to images of random birds walking past his house?

    I reckon he should get a job at Heathrow departure lounge, he'll be convulsing and soaked in cum in hours
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  4. Someone bubbled him. Jealous or just really freaked out?
  5. Obviously, because we're in the NAAFI bar - this bloke is a weirdo-nonce-sex offender type etc... actually, that is what I really think. Fucking weird-nonce-sex offender.

    Fancy that, he got a camera to take holiday snaps, got interested in photography and now he's on Schindlers List. :clap:

    Well in mate.
  6. It's not illegal to take pics in a public place in jockland as long as you're not causing fear, distress or alarm, but the fact that he's been done with taking the pics for his own 'sexual gratification' probably means some equally pervy cunt has probably been taking pictures of him wanking like a chimp while he's taking pictures of others or its just been an easy arrest to add to the stats for the region.
  7. What the fuck?

    Who exactly has been harmed here?

    Fucking hell, I've occasionally wanked over the memory of someone I've met, I'd better hand myself into the fuzz post-fucking-haste.
  8. Should have argued that he was taking a photo of the house, street, car, pile of dogshit etc and the women just accidently walked into the shot. The fact it happened over 70,000 times just shows what an unlucky f*cker he is.
  9. Should have told them it's none of their fucking business! If he's taking photos from his property onto a public space, I really can't see what law is being broken unless porridge-wog law is substantially different to civilised countries'.
  10. well I'll be looking at a 20 stretch . I have acquired a half decent wank bank over the years which i reference every now and then . Even the ex missus is in there , in her younger years mind ! .
    No harm done in my opinion .

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  13. Rule One.Don't get caught.