So, What have the TA ever done for us?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hellmans, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. I know the TA have been slagged off in other threads, but this is a genuine question requiring NAAFI'esque answers............

    I've just seen a group of miniature medals, QGJM, QDJM, ED & Bar and VRSM.

    That equates to 12 years for the Efficiency Decoration, 6 years for the 2nd award bar and another 10 for the VRSM.

    28years service as an Officer in the TA, four medals but no Operational ones.

    So what, exactly, have those in the TA who haven't deployed actually done for the Country?

    The US National Guard deal with National Emergencies and Civil Disorder, but what about the TA?

    Apart from a Social club for Saddo's, what have they contributed to the UK? I'm fucked if I can think of anything..............................................
  2. Had the balloon gone up they would have provided the speed bumps for the massed soviet armour. Failing that, whipped out a biff chit and tried to get a sympathy shag by prancing about in (badly fitting) uniform "It's my glands...".


    STAB Rupert.
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  3. Before the crayons arrive - Assorted floods and stuff. My mob got called out to deliver bottled water about the place for 2-3 days after some contractor spilt diesel into the city water supply - but no, not nearly as much as the USNG get called upon to do. Rumour seems to be that Dave now wants the Army back in the picture for helping out, after a few years of being specifically told it was not a role.
  4. So you ran a free tuck shop selling only bottled water?

    Next !
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  5. A certain tour dodger has provided much merriment for the users of ARRSE with his excuses of a loving family and work commitments preventing him from deployment when in reality his family hate him and his employer fucked him off.
  6. Yeah alright, but apart from that..................
  7. Well you need us to make you look good.
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  8. Raised the IQ of the average British infantryman by 50% and trebled his average vocabulary?

    Provided ex regular JNCOs with somewhere where they can pretend they are still useful and respected in contrast to their new civilian jobs where they are rapidly having to come to terms with the fact that they are in reality no better than the civvy biffs they now share a yard brush/security portakabin/bin round with?
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  9. give you fuckers something to talk about.
    including me now oh fuck!
  10. I'll have you know we ran it with great aplomb and without requiring a DIN, several JSPs and a 6 week course on how to do it. In true TA fashion we just made it up as we went along. It worked. It worked well. Then we went home and got on with having real jobs.
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  11. That'll be me then! We were "requested" to turnout for flooding a few years back ( on a bank holiday as well!), seem to recall filling an awful lot of sandbags at the local council depot while the headshed "Monitored" the flooding situation at a local Hotel from the bar!
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Provided a steady income for medal mounters everywhere going by your post.
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  13. 253(V) Pro Coy RMP used to "police" the London to Brighton cycle race. Tough assignment that one.