So, What have labour done for us? [2]


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Yeah, wot she said!
You cannot deny that they have dragged the country, kicking and screaming, into an era of pre-Victorian squallor, disorder, disparity and want. They have turned the NHS, once the envy of the civilised world into a cash cow complete with a side door for immigrants breeding stock. Any pride inherent at being British has been buried beneath a slurry of Political Correctness, and to have served your country in arms serves only to ensure that you will be ignored once you hang up your uniform. They have squandered strategic gold reserves to plug short term holes in an unworkable budget, and made the nation dependent on non-British companies for vital supplies of fuel. They have handed the world our head on a plate, and still seem bent on weakening us further.

The worst example of the old boys network imaginable, may they all burn on the slopes of Hell, the egocentric tw@ts.
Made large swathes of the rest of the world look like attractive places to live.
CNUTS... ARRSE threads today should be full of weekend wah and hungover boolccks all that is good and positive its fecking sunday FFS


NO the spunking of every aspect of Great Britain by that wretched One Eyed cnut and his accolites are SPOILING MY FUCKING DAY.

Hold on now, Steven will be along to spin it back.

Zanulabour have properly fcuked the country. Darling admitted as much.

Ciao tutti.
Perhaps the only really good thing they have shown is that leopards don't change spots, left wing control freakery, never willing to take responsibility for their own actions, inactions and inadequacies, always be a 50 pence piece, two faced with several sides, champagne socialists are the lowest of the low, nurse medication please
I like Gordon and long may he remain in office.

You may all feel that he's destroying the country but he's also destroying the Labour party and the Welfare State (in its present form).

The country will recover.
sandy_boots said:
I like Gordon and long may he remain in office.

You may all feel that he's destroying the country but he's also destroying the Labour party and the Welfare State (in its present form).

The country will recover.
Not in my lifetime. Mark my words, we are not quite at rock bottom yet. Anyone bet that the Group of Eight show us the door very soon?


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Sven says:

The glorious Labour party have done everything good in this country and We should all be grateful
Halted the influx of economic migrants (by destroying the economy).

Ensured that privileged children can grow up to be privileged adults (by destroying social mobility).

Solved the problem of an ageing population (by ensuring that the NHS kills everyone young).
I saw a programme just after they got in. The spin machine invited down a a staunch Labour political activist from up north.

He was old Labour through and through. He spent a week in London with the new breed. They took him out for a Chinese meal in London. The bill at the end of it, food plus champagne, came to £10,000.

They interviewed him afterwards when he was on his way back up north and he was totally demoralised. He only earned £9,000 a year and he was disgusted that this lot could spend that on a Chinky. He knew then what this lot was all about.
Surely Darling has just fired the first salvo in the war of Liarbour Leadership. "We totally screwed the economy" (and guess who's been in charge for the last ten years) "and we don't really know how we're going to get out of this mess without strong leadership".
The one thing ZanuNL has never displayed is leadership, it has always been 'we'll tell you what you want to hear without ever making any firm policy so everyone will think that we favour them when in fact we're just deciding what £150 a roll wallpaper we want in the bike sheds'.
It's actually the way Hitler consolidated his power base in the early 30s, everyone thought he was on their side and would be their puppet when, in fact, his agenda was entirely his own and he bowed to no man once he had got his power base.
Darling took the poisioned chalice that was the job knowing full well what a cockstand Gordo was and the tardy mess he had the books in, i would feel one single once of sympathy but for the fact the wannker drew the wage knowing that well feck it i will just turning up and shrug my shoulders and say the the big boys made me .....CNUTS
Steezy said:
They've made the bloody weather worse too
It rained here this morning, despite Government-sponsored forecasts by the Met Office.
It is therefore the Gummint's fault ... again :x

I would point out that you got better summers when the RAF ran the Met Office. :lol:
come on now Liabour have allowed the elderly to work further on in there ripe old age, putting more folk out of work, even though these folk have technically retired once already, plus if they work on they die at work rather than in an old folks home draining tax paying money which needs to go on self development within the councils and gobermint

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