So what happens to to the Gucci boys when we pull out

Well what will the Gucci ex regiment boys and every man and his dog do, when the US and Brits pull out of Iraq.

Does it mean the PVR's will stop?

Will the boys will sign back up and the CO's will forgive and forget

What will happen to all the companies the Gucci boys have set up as training companies, surely there cant be enough work for any more PSD's.

Can you imagine somone turing up at the camp after signing back on, parks next door to the Co's Volvo estate in his Aston Martin DB9.
Sorry but if we are talking about the S.A.S. iI think you will find they actually do alot of the CP/BG work whilst on leave, it is also quite commen for them to do Recce forOil companies and such companies..

The reasons for them being allowed to do this are:
1. It keeps their skills up.

2. It stops them leaving for good

It is bloody good pay
£750 - £2500 Per day

£500 - £750 A day.

ZZZZZIP! thats all folks
a lot of them don't even drive anything better that Mercs/BMWs/AUDIs
What will happen,,,well i think that they will continue to live like porn stars until all the money runs out,,,then start doing dodgy porn whilst attaining a hardcore drug habit,,,hit rock bottom,,,then end up lying in a cardboard box somewhere in london with a large map of africa adorned on their trousers.

or they will just do other cp work.
"It is bloody good pay
£750 - £2500 Per day

£500 - £750 A day."

I noticed that somebody posted £500-£2500 per day for blokes out in Iraq and Afghanistan.
In between topping up my tan,growing my sideburns,and adjusting my sunglasses to the maximum rakish angle,I've managed to meet most of the reps from the companies involved in the work out here...and I can assure you nobody (of the blokes out on the ground) is making that kind of money.
Just off to get a video camera a couple of girls to prep for my next career move.
Yeah, that was the same bloke who asks for advice on children's health (for a 'course') one week and advice on where to buy himself some body-armour the next ... must be one tough primary school where he works ?!! He'll be worth £2.5K a day, no worries ... ?!

Come to think about it, he's probably out there grooming some youngsters as we speak ... not heard from him for a while, he must have gone 'covert'
Your righr CRG are paying £250 per and dropping expenses, the most i have heard the average tom getting is £500 per day in Afghan dodging poppy growers
I'm sorry to go on about this thread, as a former soldier and apparently as I am one of the so called,"gucci warriors",I feel I would it would be remiss of me not to stick my oar in, it would be poor form not to voice my two pennies worth, I feel I'd be letting the side down by not bumping my gums in defense of some of the lads out there.
Firstly pay:Trogmeister got it right, most companies are paying around $500 per day for suitably qualified lads and lassies.Upper management will be on more,if I recall my project manager(usually equiv of a Coy Cdr) was on about $100 a day more,but he had to deal with all of the malarky of inter-agency disputes, government orgs, plan, organise everything and still go out with the lads on jobs(he has got a REALLY big Merc.)
Conditions, pretty much the same as the army, but the air is much more relaxed, but if do screw up, you will most likely be dismissed with a certainty you will not work on the circuit again, you are being paid by a client to look after their needs, you're literally at their beckon call, it is in some circumstances no different from the armed forces, long hours, tedium , nasty conditions, broken up by occasional trips to pandemonium and visits to sheer terror.
You might come back and say"but you're being paid wodgers of cash, to come home and spend on large girls and guiness", yes that's right, but the difference is, PSD's do not have the same support mechanisms in place as the armed forces.
We are expected to extricate ourselves from "problems" we encounter, we don't have anything approaching the same support mechanism of the armed services, QRF, indirect fire assets or air support to call, and that is where the main difference lies. We are reactive as opossed to pro-active, we are trying to break contact from the word go.
On the plus, the money is excellent, we don't have church parades, LSW's, compo, or "Soldier" magazine(I really hate chuckle with chips).
While I'm banging on about this, here's a bit about CP courses, there are currently several on the market offering a doorway to a new high profit career, the companies operating in Iraq employ around twenty thousand people, and have between two to four THOUSAND CV's on their books, they receive in excess of sixty to one hundred new CV's per day.
As we speak CP courses are preparing people for an ever shrinking market, there are around eighty to one hundred thousand people applying for these positions.
I have been fortunate, but I was unemployed between contracts for four months.
Oh and the Americans tend to get a bit excited and shoot at us, poor lads they get a bit confused by a white guy with a British accent waving a Union Jack screaming," FRIENDLIES!!!STOP SHOOTING!!!"...bless 'em.
be as jealous as you like.
you wannabees are never going to sample either the footballers lifestyle, or the hereford lifestyle because you have
a. no talent, including relevant training.
b. no courage
c. (not least) the intelligence to spark a light in the arse of a firefly.

Note: The thoughts in this post definately reflects the opinions of the author.
USAF Chief of Staff, Gen. John Jumper states that we are building at least four huge Air Force bases in Iraq which will remain there "indefinitely". Meanwhile the gov't is floating the idea of bringing the troops home in two years in order to defuse the situ in time for the elections in three years. So these bases are going to need a sizeable mobile force for security. There are about 25,000 PMC employees in the sand so this could be a job for them.
What will happen? They will all go and body guard Brittney Spears.
What all of them? I know she has a fat arse but just how many blokes does it take for all round defence?

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