So what goes on in this medical then. eh?!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Paulkk, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Alright fellas?

    So what goes on in this medical then? Get butt naked, finger up butt etc etc


    Cheers in advance people ;)
  2. use the search function
  3. Had a good old look through the forums bud. I kinda wanted to know how the test are done.

    Out of interest...

  4. They hold your Crown Jewels and you Cough
  5. Balls!
  6. Im not entirely sure but on the info they gave me for selection it says you partake in a 'rigerous and personal' medical examination.

    They examine all your body to make sure you can withstand training and operations. You get your nuts groped too!
  7. Yes, you can call them that too!
  8. Hope the doc's got hands big enough!!
  9. They don't stick their hands in your gob.

    Honestly, what do you think they do on a medical for the British Army??

    Have you just beamed down from the Planet Fuckwit?
  10. Doc won't need to hold em, they'll be dangling down from your forehead for all to see.
  11. He needs big hands for VERY small tweezers? :D
  12. Surely a Cranially prolapsed penis would have been noticed before the medical?
  13. Haha - funny fvcker :D
  14. We've noticed, and we haven't even met the fool.
  15. Ignore Flashy. He still has a Cailing fan, instead of Air conditioning for his "office".
    Hence he is "bitter and twisted" (like me)