So what exactly were in prince Charles letters ?

His request to send mama at high speed in a Harrods car through the Dartford Crossing was thought inappropriate.

But the minister reply suggesting a crate of his estate brewed organic beer might do for the old HM is now seen as equally embarrassing.
Dreadful. Just dreadful.

It seems Wingnut expressed opinions along party political lines. The only question is, which bunch of ***** did he threaten with stamping his little foot and holding his breath till he went blue?
No idea. I've never met the HRH man. I have however met his mother, sister, Rudolf Hess, Jimmy Saville, Sam Fox and Bianca Jagger. But, and this is important, never in the same room, if you see what I mean.
He wrote to the Chancellor to complain that the organic tissues that his gentleman's gentleman uses to dab the drops off the end of his cock weren't tax deductable against the pretend tax he pays on Cornwall. He also wrote to the Health Secretary to demand homeopathic medicine be practised by all Army medics treating trauma.

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