So what exactly are southerners...

Discussion in 'US' started by J.T.K., Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. ...interbred or intrabred (I know at least one Arrse member who'll know the right answer). The internet and or intranet should give a clue.

    An Irish travelling Yankee wannabe basically called me a penitent hood (ghosts of the confederacy!) wearing racist redneck today, I quipped that the best place to hide a black brother on the run from the Feds was under a hood at a meeting; i.e. 'sorry we haven't seen them Marshall, but if we do we'll lynch them before we hand them over'.

    Has nobody ever wondered why there are so many mixed 'race' children in the south? As someone pointed out the 'races' do seem to get on in dixie far better when the moon is up and/or there are no yankees about. Ponder just what interbred redneck might mean, don't believe all those films, and if Yankee agent provocateurs cause trouble, white or black, they're just being given some southern hospitalité or comfort, more like the film than the drink!

    I'd give a little yell and say the South will rise, but nobody here wants reminding of Buenos Aires, even tho' I read behind the scenes that you've reached some mutual agreements via Patagonia and about other snowy places.
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs


    Interbred...where do banjos come from again...plantations?​
  3. [h=2]So what exactly are Southerners?[/h]
    Simple, every **** who lives south of the nearest river to the south of you. Or every **** if you live on Shetland
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  4. Who gives a fcuk - apart from the OP?!
  5. 'I go down t'pub and drink the ale
    And get completely plastered

    Then I go home and beat the wife
    Cos I'm a Northern b'astard'.

    Blimey, I think I'm nearly as cunted as the OP!

    Edited to add: ******* Northern monkeys
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  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    # no gravy at the chippy
    and whats a saveloy?
    the pubs were all full of foreigners
    and bottom boys #

  7. Well If all i have to go by is your post, I'm going to guess that a southerner is someone who huffs gold krylon and drinks anti freeze. But then I've seen Mexicans in NYC who do similar.
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  8. Soft shandy drinking poofs.
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  9. psst, I actually think snorting bath salts is the vogue thing to be doing south of the mason these days... that and making sure one's sister is properly broken in.
  10. Anyone who doesn't say "I" a lot.
  11. I thought that was Scots in lifts with their rabbit looking siblings...
  12. I thought the distinction was less geographical these days and more to do with whether or not you knew how to cook up a batch of crank in the nearest available bathtub. But what do I know? :)
  13. I was 'Darn Sarf' this week and I must admit that this visit changed my opinion

    of our Southern Brethren. I used to think that they were a bunch of Nancy-Boy

    trainee drinkers, now I fcuking KNOW they are.

    At least 'oop norf' you don't get charged £16 to get your Car out of the Hotel

    Car Park, robbing bwasterds!
  14. ...let me tell you every female in Dixie is a sister one way or another...and your muppet better watch out...the real eagles have landed...aquila...who has the gens? :p
  15. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    After a visit to a re-enactment of an American Civil war thingy I was speaking to a couple of the Walts, sorry participants, and they were saying that it is very difficult to get people to join the Union side as most want to be a Confederate. I don't know what this proves apart from Northerners are a bunch of Whippet loving retards who can't pour a pint without 5 inches of froth on top and are just annoyed that down south we have things like electric and stuff.

    Yee Haa.

    Now where is my sister I have needs and she had a purdy mouth.
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