So, what do you think?

Hi Folks,

Good forum you have going here, just discovered it, wasted much of my afternoon reading it. Anyway, I was (briefly) in the Scots Guards when I was 17, DAOR'ed after 6 weeks though. I was a daft, very young 17 year old, and I know I'm not the same guy now, but my past experience in the army, and my inability to find anything I enjoy in civvy street, that all makes me wonder whether I'm not just wasting my time again.

I'm hoping to join the Intelligence Corps as an OPMI, am completely and utterly demoralised by civvy life, and have even managed to stick to my training routine for more than a week. I'm 25 now, and I really hope this is it for me. I've always wanted to serve, my whole nature is well suited to army life.

At the end of the day though guys, I'm shitting myself at the prospect of it all, and even more of f*cking up again. Seems stupid to say this, but even the fact I have stuck to my training, even for a week, seems to indicate some change in myself. I know its going to be hard work, and phase 1 is going to be just as hard and trying as it was last time, but I really hope I can knuckle down and block out the bad sh*t for 14 weeks.

So, in summary, it appears I have asked no questions. I am interested to clarify when you can have a pint or two in training? After Week 6, I presume. And yeah, I know, its a daft, insignificant question, that will have no bearing on my army career, but I do like a cold one now and then.

Cheers folks, any words of encouragement or advice would be welcome, banter will be laughed at, and insults taken with a pinch.
Think there is a few hours a day set aside for piss ups at the end of each day. Then the Colour Seargent comes round and hands out issue donner kebabs. During the day its underwater knife fighting and the occasional 2 mile jog (dont worry you can take an ipod). Sounds like it was tougher when you joined.

Seriously though, wish you the best of luck with your training. I am in the process my self, and am experiencing some of the same emotions no doubt. Stick to your guns, stay focused and you will pull through.

Yeah man, I knew about the end of day piss up (BFEOD PU, right?)

You are right though man, in '99, it was tough, the Staff only brought round a poke of chips.

No salt, or sauce! F*cking brutality.
Ahhh right mate, 6 weeks, that IS practically the Austrailian army's whole training done and dusted though :lol:

Anyway, good luck, and the intelligence corps is more local than is comfortable ;)

There seems to be a hell of a lot of paddies around here lately though
Jesus, I don't know where to start.

I'm a Paddy? What gave it away, the fact I served in the Scots Guards, or that my name is Jock?

The Int Corp is more local than comfortable? I don't have a clue what that means.

And finally, 6 weeks is piss poor, but its 6 weeks longer than you have ever done.
Let me explain. I live near the Intelligence corps.

I was not calling you a paddy, I was saying that I have seen a lot around here lately.

And finally, it's 6 weeks longer than I have ever done in the British Army, true.

Sorry if it was confusing my friend.

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