So what do you think these posters would say nowadays?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DonnMac2, Dec 11, 2004.

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  1. The top one would be exactly the same, except the picture would be of a call centre in another country......

    Anyone who would like to have a pop at this as a racist remark may want to check out the penalty businesses in other European countries have to pay to move call centres and help lines abroad. Then check out how much British companies pay.

  2. The posters were smoke and mirrors in the first place.
    Just look at the actual result of voting Labour in over the years.
  3. Look at the results of voting Tory as well - they're ALL a bunch of self-serving wakners :x
    Labour = jobs & money for layabouts & "Social Programmes"
    Tories = tax breaks for Hoogstratens & deals for those who donate to them
    Lib/Dems = Anything that might get them a vote or two.

    Hang the bloody lot of them.
  4. [​IMG]


    Trying to post in images for the first time! :oops:
  5. The top one should say:

    "Help them LOSE their Job etc etc"

    Right - back to the war.
  6. I think you should add that bit to LABOURS bit rather than the tories.

    Just think of ecclestone, hinduja, Lord Sainsbury, the head of labour finance (who gave £500K to Mr Mandelson) :twisted:

    agent smith
  7. Labour all the things you hate the tories for plus some of out own rubbish
    tories hey you nicked all our ideas
    Bnp we want to be the nazi party but we are too stupid
    ukip 'nice nazis'
    Greens mad but compared to the other we seem sane
    Lib DEM no new ideas
  8. Exactly, the tories are a fine upstanding bunch of gentlefolk. Definitely not the political party kicked out a couple of years ago for their sleazy antics.

    Let's face it - all politicians are sub-human scum. To prove my point, most of them are trained as lawyers. :evil: Nuff said.

  9. Don't believe the Tory sh*te. Remember options for change in 1995!
  10. Its all bollcks.

    No matter who you vote for, the Government always get in.
  11. Ah yes Poison I do belive that the law 'profession' is the largest trade group in parliamnt, both houses.
  12. Wow what a comprehensive guide to British Politics.

    I was going to go back as a mature student to study it University. Really is no need now.... I might do Theology instead.