So What Do You Miss - Or Not!!!

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by bullshit, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Asked what I missed (left in Sep)

    Tough question, but here goes:


    People - I now have mostly work collegues
    Mixing work with social - which I dont do now, well in my company anyway

    Dont Miss:

    Ridiculous budgets on equipment, travel etc etc
    Last minute effabouts
    Officers who still live in the 1800s!
  2. Miss:
    Somehow managing to get the job done (usually in trying circumstances) because of the help of a great bunch of blokes. (Today? OH, COME ON!)
    Having a laugh and a joke (= banter, as said above) Not on, today. (Everybody scared of race/hate/PC legislation).
    Nipping off to the NAAFI/Corporal's Club/LAD Bar for a quick pint after work. (Work colleagues think that drinking is bad for you...)

    Don't miss:
    Weekend duties (staring out of the Guardroom window at the lads heading off to the pub/club/whatever).
  3. Miss:

    Social Scene
    Working with like minded people

    Dont Miss:

    DS Watchers
    Up Their Own AR$$E Victorian Officers
    Not being able to get the right kit to do the job more efficiently

    On the plus side I am working with like minded people now with the same banter out here in the pit. Social scene isn't too bad really considering the situation. Plus none of the 'Dont Miss' category apply here. Happy days.
  4. Miss

    - "adventure training" in exotic locations paid for by HMG (USA & Zimbabwe for me)
    - Cheap beer & out with the lads
    - Loads of time off
    - cheap sports parachuting & gliding

    Don't miss

    - Bullsh*t
    - Guard commander duty
    - Deployments with no end dates

    Being a civvy whilst initally confusing (figuring out being PC) has proven to be lucrative and a licence to print dosh without having to tab up the fan to get a better daily rate! (been out eight years)
  5. Miss

    The squaddie sense of humour
    Mad times on the lash
    Being apart from the normal civvy herd

    Dont miss

    Stagging on / any gaurd duty
    Needless bullshit ( normally for the benefit of Ruperts )
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  6. Miss
    WOs & Sgts mess
    Free dental treatment
    True friends as opposed to colleagues
    Free sports time and facilities

    Don't miss
    Petty fossilised officers
    Having mine and my families life fukced up at short notice
    Doing work for the sake of doing something. Now days I just go home early.
  7. Miss

    My friends
    Work and Social
    Mess Life
    Education opportunities

    Don't Miss

    Officer's living in the past
    Officer's who think an OR can not have a BSc (Hons) & MSc
    Officer's who think they can jump the medical / dental appointment system
    The Lies we were told
  8. Miss
    The stories
    The networking side
    Total job satisfaction - (when working with Armour)
    Ops work - team work on a big scale
    The characters, there are so many over the years

    Dont Miss
    The Bullshit although it baffled a few brains in my time lol
    Backstabbing Bar stewards
    Officer and OR selection/promotion boards - the most incompetent system in the Army
    The DPA - where millions of pounds of taxpayers money is literally wasted each year by incompetent and inexperienced fools
    RSM Hetherington 1982 what a bastard lol
  9. The TEAM working together then partying together.
  10. Miss
    The social you take for granted
    Travel to exotic locations whilst getting paid to be there
    Working with people my own age and interests
    Not having to be PC or worry about offending people when swearing lots!

    "EWD Jump - Yes sir how high?" type conversations, civvy job goes more like "EWD jump - Do I get paid more, if not feck off!"
    Trying to motivate the lads to do a job that your heart isn't/wasn't really in anymore.
  11. MISS

    Social life that you just do not get anywhere else.
    Sporting opportunities.
    Banter with no pc brigade.
    Proper teamwork work hard/play hard.


    The bullshit that was sometimes necessary but mostly not needed.
  12. Miss

    Mess life
    Piss takes
    Comradeship...............Civvy, you dont know what comradeship is.

    Dont Miss.
    Being told what to do by some "wet behind the ears rupert just off the conveyor belt".
    Exercises in BAOR, standing on some road waving traffic through.
    RSM Bob Hanna, the most evil s--t I have ever come across, and yes I did know who held a drill parade on your car in Gladbach, and no it wasnt me.
  13. I left August 2006.

    I miss the Banter, the lads, comraderie (spelling)

    I don't miss: Gobby nigs, Show parades following an RSM's BPO inspection, cavalry officers.
  14. I left in July 07 and I miss:

    The 'lads', the social life, the fact that the people you worked with were your mates as well.

    I dont miss: weekend duties at short notice, having to jump through hoops to satisfy an egomaniacal orrifice, having to cut my hair or shave every day.

    I like in my new life: overtime pay, being able to tell the boss to fcuk off without going to jail, going home on time every night (or getting paid to stay behind).
  15. Yes that gentleman was way out the front in the cnuts' class! I once saw him lock up a horse from the Mounted Troop because it got a bit skittish & reared up on a parade he was taking at the Depot. A true Helmet.

    I miss:
    Some of the fantastic Cpls Mess dos we had in Detmold & Lisburn
    The nympho interpreter in Detmold who intro'd several young Lance-Jacks to the delights of older women
    Having the great pleasure of gobbing on Gerry Adams once
    Some of the funniest windups I ever saw in my life

    I don't miss:
    Active Edge callouts & spending 2 days up the top of Hermannsdenkmal in noddy suit & S6 in the middle of summer
    Painting Rovers
    Some of the plums we had as WO2s & SSgts at RMPTC 83-84, in particular the one whose office phone I packed with rotting fish & the one who got bubbled to his wife for gobbing off to everybody about the affair he was having with a WRAC girl. Yes you know who you were, & you both deserved all of it ( & more besides) :twisted: