so what do you do?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by safetypin, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. I'm currently travelling alone before starting and sandhurst so i'm meeting quite a few new people every day. The problem is that about 5 minutes into the conversation i get asked "what do you do?"

    if I tell them the whole truth the conversation often stops there, with a strange look, if I lie and tell them "i don't know i'm going abck to the uk to get a job" things carry on fine.

    What have other people found works well as being something based in truth but doesn't kill converation?
  2. As a Met Police officer I have often found the same thing. My mate's line "I do a bit of running around for a large law firm" seems to work fine.

  3. Military Underwater Fire Fighter Diver.

    Never fails to keep them guessing.
  4. I suspect the conversation (or should that be converation?) stops because, if you speak as you post, you will have reduced your audience to a state of baffled incomprehension. I wish you all success at starting and at the RMA.

    <Sorry, feeling a little snide and male-menopausal today>
  5. Tell them you're a Civil Servant - that's broad enought to encompass all sorts of things!

    If you're at Sandhurst, tell them you're a student and your course personnel management.
  6. Many years ago, when the IRA was a credible threat and soldiers and Australian tourists were legitimate targets, I used to say I worked for a large engineering firm that had a few govt contracts. When I was based at RAF Aldergrove I just told people I was working at the airport on short-term contract, handy if somebody says "Oh so&so's brother works there do you know him?".

    Now I don't have to tell them anything coz my has already told them!

    To be honest if they don't want to talk to you coz you're going to Sandbags, do you really want to talk to them?
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Tell them you are about to start a course in which you will learn how to become 'Death, harbinger of war, pestilence plague and famine; destroyer of Nations; exterminator of great and small, man, woman and child; and polishing boots'...
  8. Have you tried 'I travel around the world, are you thick?'
  9. International Man / Woman of Mystery! This works best if you have bad teeth and a dodgy '70s wardrobe, apparently... :D
  10. Be witty, that's what i'd do.
  11. Do what every squaddie does and lie the bigger the lie the better
  12. Good idea MS. Safetypin- the bigger the blag the better. Keep us informed with how you get on, start with saying you're a dolphin trainer and work up from there.
  13. when anyone asks me "what do you do?"

    I get my c0ck out and jam my thumb up my japs eye, bray like a donkey and say

  14. Tell them you are a 'Gentleman of leisure', a modern day Phileas Fogg.
  15. Tell the bloody truth be proud of what you do or what you aspire to be.