So What Do "Muslim" Terrorists Look Like?

From The Guardian, 29 March.,3604,1180136,00.html
Mr Shadjareh said ...........

"People carrying out bombing attacks are not going round with long beards, looking like imams, praying in mosques all day," he said. "They will be clean-shaven, have girlfriends, drink in pubs. They will not stand out as Muslims or they will be disguised."

From today's Telegraph.

The families of all the young men continued to insist on their innocence yesterday. "They are just regular English guys. They are as British as they come. They don't even have beards," said Sajjad Ahmad, 40, their uncle.

They can be from any race on the planet, they can be Male or female.

Strange , I don't remember the Pope issuing an edict to Catholic Churches, that their congregations must co-operate with the 5-Oh, likewise the Protestant church , during the "unpleasantness" OTW

Hallejuljah , The beloved Leader (May the light of his countenance etc etc) has successfully created a whole new climate of fear and mistrust.

Makes you wonder why the Labour Party are so keen to ram these islands full of asylum seekers on forged documents doesn't it?

I mean, if I was a conspiracy theorist, I'd almost believe that a continuing atmosphere of tension and mistrust, could almost lead to open rioting and attacks and counter-attacks along ethnic and religious lines, leading to the Government having to propose sweeping new Police and Legal powers, to "Combat the threat"

Why, if things got that bad, Blair could invoke the new Emergency Powers Act, and remain in Office until the threat was past.

After all, there is historical precedent to support that POV. But then again, that's what Mr. I Amin , Mr. J. Kenyatta , Uncle Black Bob the B*stard and a certain Mr. A Hitler did.

Maybe the next stage, is to make all Muslims wear a Green crescent on their clothing?

At least Beverly Hughes has taken the Mess Webley for a walk.
Bit off topic here but PTP's Hitler reference reminded me of something.

Who remembers Bliar's speech to the faithful, and a grateful nation ( we are sooooooo fortunate...) of 1999? The last paragraph

And now, at last, Party and nation joined in the same cause for the same purpose: to set our people free
in its delivery came close to:

One Party, one nation....One Thousand Year Reich.

Set us free? I think not.
It's all becoming clear; Hoon didn't resign for misleading the House, because he was 'only following orders'.

I hear the APTC is to be renamed the 'Strength Through Joy' Corps.
I can hardly wait for the 'Night of the Long Knives'!! I wonder who will be on the hit list?

Strange.....I have always been fond of Brown shirts:)

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