So what did you get?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by boney_m, Dec 25, 2003.

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  1. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    I know its the thought that counts, but balls to that :twisted: Did everyone get what they wanted?

    I got a hat, loads of Asbach and port and the usual range of smellies. Not a sock in sight this year, i've been cheated!

    Did everyone get what they wanted this year, or are we secretly seething with the missus?

    I'm off to play with my nippers new remote control hovercraft :D

  2. tigger_c/s_30

    tigger_c/s_30 War Hero

    My daughter in law was expecting our third grandchild was hoping for a grandson born on christmas day , as my son so far has seen fit only to supply me with granddaughters , my daughter has yet to start she is off men and career minded right now (assures me its only a temporary phase :? ) any way we rush her to hospital at 2030 hours chrimbo eve, and the little tyke appeared early 23 57 hours :!: :!: :!: another girl 8O ................ I think my kids hate me :!: :!: :!:
    so house still full of girly things and oohs and aahs at the colours.....anyhow its 0530 hours (1330 in UK so its ok ) going to have me a glass of malt and reflect that I seemed destined to have only grandaughters.

    ps...She is absolutely gorgous 6lb 7 oz (that in fact is the same as the biggest barbel I have ever caught) and she is perfect and I love her to bits :D
  3. Baddass

    Baddass LE

    Congratualtions you old fart! Happy Xmas mate! :D
  4. tigger_c/s_30

    tigger_c/s_30 War Hero

    Thanks Pal :lol:
  5. why is that strangely dressed woman cupping that chils breast in one hand and fangling it with the other

    No kiddy porn on Arse :D
  6. Shotgun

    Shotgun War Hero

    Socks, smellys and good malt.

    I'm sure my kids think I'm a fcking alcy down and out :D
  7. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    clothes, a shit load of socks, loads of smelly's... and a blow up sheep.
  8. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    Congrats to tigger on the birth of your grandaughter, and over 6 lbs is one hell of a barbel!!!

    The remote control helicopter takes 4 hours to charge up and gives 15 minutes of play time - pish :evil: Nipper also got 2 electronic bug things which fight each other and have proved to be great fun with the more bushmills i drink :D
  9. tigger_c/s_30

    tigger_c/s_30 War Hero

    Thanks Boney :D and it was one hell of a fight with that barbel never forget it 6lb 7 oz on 1 1/2lb breaking strain line .......... 8)

    That chopper your on about sounds like the helicopter fleet here in Canada 1 hours flying 30 hours maintenance so out of date :lol:
  10. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    Had a similar experience fishing for school bass once, light line and hooked into an 11 pound bass - unforgetable experience - great sport.

    Come to think of it, didnt get one fishing item in my xmas box - thats a first
  11. Oracle

    Oracle Crow

    Completely p1ssed!

  12. Headache, sore throat, some spots, a cold and lots of red wine!!!!
  13. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    red wine. for winners...
  14. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    I agree, especialy when topped off with port - until the next day - red wine has to be the worst hangover ever invented by man
  15. Tigger - many congratulations. Very good news.
    What did I get for Xmas? 2 front teeth, for some reason.....