So what are you dining off tonight?

extra large spicy meatball pizza from Papa Johns


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home made lasagne, salad, garlic bread (cheated by buying it) and lots of red wine.
A plate, upon which will be some pieces of a dead pig and some potatoes, probably fashioned into mash. I shall wash this delight down with messrs Stella Artois finest wifebeater.


Pork Loin with a Chillie and extra mature Cheddar sauce. All slipped down with a very cold Spanish Rose. I wont tell you its name otherwise all you peasants will rush out and buy it and force its price up.
A plate and a bowl. Sometimes, it's just a plate.
I'm dining off a plate
Veggie Pizza, a brew and Goaty's company
Hackbraten, German meatloaf, served cold, with new spuds, salad and weissen bier, about as exciting as it sounds but it certainly puts a nice shine on your sh'it.


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Toad in the hole, made with herby Yorky pud and Toulouse sausages and a rich red wine and onion gravy, all homemade. :D

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