So what are we going to do with the surplus 400 Tech wasters

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by andyb264, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. Yes 400 wasters to get rid of, but what to do with them? A soloution perhaps would be to bring into place some form of productivity monitoring, just like in the real world. That would probably cull more than enough!
    Thoughts people please!!
  2. Where do you think the IS field is coming from? All those Tech Class 2's who couldn't be arrsed to do their Class 1?? :twisted: :wink:
  3. You will find all those that have failed in their own trade or cant be arrsed to move forward in their own trade are moving sidewards into other fine trades of the Corps.

    Just have a look at all those phase 2 courses that have a fullscrew in the ranks...

  4. yeah good point. some of em are actually pretty good but there's a fair few wasters in there too. but c'mon it's an easy route to go - they ask themselves "do I want to do a year long course just to get class 1 then not even get promoted after it? - or do I get a nice cushy transfer to IS working with an inspirational genius like poisondwarf :roll:?"

    but for mcm div it's a no-brainer. loads of surplus techs and a significant deficit in the IS rosters. 1 + 1 = 2 thank you very muchly!
  5. PD, an inspirational genius? Slightly vain, but he is a good bloke :wink:

    on a practical point, any tech who thinks they are caught up in a rat race and has an aptitude for IT, feel free to contact either myself or PD for some advice. The IS roster is there for the taking - be there or solder clansman. Your choice :wink:
  6. bloke in a pub told me that the 400 wasters are to be electronically tagged and released back into society. Although there isn't manpower in the police force to monitor their movements at least they'll have to report to their local police stations everyday to state their whereabouts. At least while they were in the Corps you knew where these people were at all times, either playing Risk in the tech workshops or black and nastied up in a gene bay somewhere
  7. burn them all. with lots of petrol... yer ... burn them.


    including that waster shakespeare! :D
  8. I'm always short of Fig.11s :D
  9. As a tech i feel there are to many people sat living the easy life in TM troops not being bothered to go on their T1. Simple go forward or get out. Out of this 400 how many are genuine surplus having just got their class 2 and how many should be on a class 1 course by now or at least sat the entrance. I was part of the huge input of techs into the corps in 99/2000 and I'm one of 3 from my intake who have actually bothered to get on a course.

    Does make me laugh though that all these techs have gone IS and now they're talking about combining the 2 trades.
  10. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    I know it may not be everyone's choice, however having a few of them move into the IS structure at this moment in time is greatly needed. From one of our recent exercises the absolute lack of IS Eng's to take in the field was a real factor. We need guys on the ground to work on helpdesk's, to getting face time with staff users. Seperate teams for network and white fleet issues through to DBA's. Ok it will need some good OJT training to take place but IMHO having two or three muppets (not that they are) is better than none at all.
  11. Now there's a thought!! You can just hear that reservoir dogs music as the petrol is poured on...Burn tech burn!! (not all of them are bad though?)
  12. Thought 1 + 1 = 0?
  13. surplus techs and what to do with them,theres a tough question??i think i would give them to jamie oliver ,so he can teach them to cook and serve up meals to school children(not to include that tech pest from 280 though)at least they will be able to say i have done some work and earnt my wages ,failing that send the f uckers to the countryside alliance instead of hunting foxes we could hunt the tech .
  14. Mate you are too hard on the little weasels...i think that they should still burn
  15. I did hear we were going to deploy world wide to teach the operators to read (again), any truth in that?