So what’s this “human nature” all about, then?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Most of the objections offered to Socialism revolve not around the basic tenets of the system, which most folks actually agree would be more conducive to harmony in society, but around the fact that “human nature” would prevent its (Socialism’s) inception. I agree wholeheartedly with that.

    However, at the same time I’d also say that it's the present manifestation of human nature that would prevent the successful implementation of Socialism. There's no doubt that humans are supremely selfish, we have this in common with almost all the other species on the planet. This is my version of "human nature”:

    Human beings, in line with just about every other species, have three basic needs:
    1. Sufficient nutrition and liquids for our bodies.
    2. A need for physical comfort.
    3. A need to procreate.

    The element of human nature that demands procreation as our most important and all-consuming duty differs, however, markedly from that of other species. Whereas lions, tigers, wolves, deer etc have a mating season, humans don’t. We’re all familiar with the behaviour of other species during the mating season, with male animals fighting, and even killing, each other for domination and female animals as like as not also entering into bitter battles for a chance of impregnation by the “King of the Hill”.

    But since we’ve effectively become more estranged from nature and regard ourselves as something separate, we've also failed to see the elemental connection with this primary urge and our everyday lives. The simple fact is that because humans, once they've reached maturity, enter into one long "mating season", they also constantly display the aggressive behaviour other species reserve for that period.

    Many folks recognise this in an abstract way in that they perceive others, and also themselves, competing for "attention". This attention-seeking is vital in the natural world in the seasonal battle for domination, as witnessed by a peacock’s tail feathers or the displays performed by other animals and birds during that time. But whereas other species can live alongside each other out of season, humans only endure each other because of another very important need in our lives - the necessity to live with other humans.

  2. I'm afraid I'm not qualified to answer questions about you humans... :twisted:
  3. What I have seen in the past is 4 basic needs of any human being:

    The need to relieve thirst.
    The need to relieve hunger.
    The need to relieve pain.
    The need to reproduce.

    The first three are a given, the 4th however is what is supposed to set us aside from animals. In some rape cases rather than a power thing it possibly is this 'need' that has gone to far and the rapist is therefore no better than an animal, and should be treated as such for the protection of others.
  4. I appreciate that you've expanded my three basic needs to four, but would you care to explain your reasons why need number four seems to have gone so catastrophically wrong and why it's supposed to "set us aside from animals"? I'm not sure whether you're projecting your own personal experiences onto this subject, or submitting a general view as you see it.

  5. Oh my god, not another pseudo intellectual diatribe, destined to spread like swinw flu over the next twenty five pages? It appears that some people need to conduct the human equivalent of a peacocks display using the internet.

    Please please do not let this use up another shed load of posts with half clever half theories about the nature of life.

    The answer is 42.

    The end.
  6. This sums it up IMO.
  7. Thanks very much for that, fella! You've just confirmed need number four. If you'd like to offer further examples of your, perhaps unique, views, I'm sure you've an avid audience.

  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Don't worry. His peacock feathers are merely superior, and vague enough to be slightly alluring due to their mystery. He's playing the card on the thread, just as many who might answer your initial post would.

    The clue is in the username "really?_fascinating".

    Pah, this old chestnut again. I'm too clever by half to bother getting involved and will thus will mock in advance every post made in a dry, sarcastic, superior manner.

    Maybe, just maybe, a female on the forum will like my air and PM me so she can carry my babies.

    It turns out that "really?_fascinating" is so superior that nobody of the opposite sex has ever been good enough, and he/she therefore remains a virgin.
  9. I was going to post about Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs about an hour ago, but have been stuck on the phone.

    In the second paragraph (quoted below) of this (summarised) page is a sentence concerning needs being fulfilled, enabling beings to act unselfishly:

    This is a more comprehensive version of Maslow's theory:
  10. Hi Bugsy, from what I can rememver I saw those 4 on a documentary many moons ago, seeing you post just jogged my memory, they are basicaly the same.
    As for need 4, you summed it up prety well in your own post, us humans are supposed to able to control our urges, though it seems some can't. Maybe not just those of guilty sexual violence but also those with a sex addiction may also fall under the same bracket?
  12. It's evolutionary (or social, if you prefer) biology.

    Humans behave no differently to other animals. Our intelligence just makes us more adaptable (and vice versa) so we can adopt strategies that you'll see in many different species.

    Socialism is a fact - if an individual acts in their own best interest to monopolise resources, they are depriving others whose best interest becomes to act collectively to restore the status quo.

    So begins deception, bribery, alliance forming... all the types of behaviour you can see in the House of Commons - or the chimp enclosure of London Zoo.

    The reproductive bit can be explained by how long it takes to get shot of any little bleeder you've spawned. It pays wimmin to find someone daft enough to share the burden & it pays both men and women to promote the genes that are good at shirking that responsibility.
  13. From what I've read of Erich Fromm, I've found myself agreeing with him. In this paragraph, from his letter on Human Nature and Social Theory (link below), he says that he does not consider man's driving energy to be sexual:
  14. At the risk of taking this to page two, is this another of Bugsy asking a question getting an answer and then denying it for the next twenty plus pages?
  15. The need to procreate may indeed be a primary aim of the human species - probably more of an instinct - but how do we explain the fact that we are the one species that actively indulges in recreational intercourse, i.e what other species uses contraception?