So we live in a democracy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. So after a select committee of MP's decide that this woman Maggie Atkinson was not suitable for the post of children's commissioner, Ed Balls has appointed her any way.

    So that is the actions of a democracy is it. Seems to smack of the start of a dictatorship to me.
  2. Have you read Animal Farm?
  3. On R4 the chairman of the committee described Balls as a bully who always wants his own way and is staffing his organisation with yes men.

    Another thread has a petition to stop Blair becoming EU president, I think Balls has shown how much attention is paid by Labour to anything they don't want to do.
  4. Yep and seen the film. All Pigs are equal
  5. Do what they like.Come the Spring it will all change again.Shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic anyone?
  6. But some are more equal than others! :D
  7. no but i have the video if you want to borrow it :)
    might be a bit different from the book thou!
  8. it's actually quite accurate, but as with any adaptation things are changed/omitted
  9. The thing is now that New Labour have no talent left, they just dont have any one else to do the job, FFS who in their right mind would put a ******** like Balls ,Ainsworth,Johnson ect in any position of power unless they were desperate
  10. Hmmm, whilst risking an almighty wah, I fear he may be refering to a somewhat more risque version of animal farm and whilst it may well involve pigs and horses I don't think Mr Orwell would put his name to this one.

    On a more relevent note, Democracy? We currently live in a Nation that has a leader chosen by his mate, who just happened to be the outgoing leader, I might be a little hazy on the whole "democracy" meaning but I do know that whilst he is in power, to even mention the word is a joke.
  11. New Liarbour

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  12. "So we live in a democracy"? What on Earth gave you that ridiculous idea?

    Let's face it, folks. Representative democracy is an outdated relic of an era when most people were illiterate, the ruling elite thought they were a different breed from the rest, the nation's money was concentrated in a very few hands and it took days to travel from one end of the country to another due to the shocking state of the roads and appalling transport infrastructure.

  13. Duhhhh. :oops: My excuse it is Monday
  14. No we are ruled by hidden faces in Europe.
    Party politics is now meaningless.
    We no longer live in a democracy.
    Those that died in two world wars for us died completely in vain.
    Shame on us.
  15. That would be the same Balls who fancies himself as the next Labour leader then? The same Balls who was a protege of Gordon Brown at the Treasury, and appears to have learned everything he knows about management style from his mentor...