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So this whole - Britain might supply weapons to the Syrians...


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Seems pretty obvious to me. There's a whole load of stuff in Afghanistan that we don't want back because it was only bought for there and there's no budget to take it on the books or maintain it. We can't leave it in Kabul because then the taliban will get it and we can't destroy it because then the Treasury will charge MOD for the cost of it as if it were on the books. BUT, if the FO give it to Syria it gets paid for out of the Aid budget. Wins and trebles all round.
Does anyone remember the hoo-ha when the septics were supplying gats to the freedom fighters in NI? At least that was private initiative. This smacks more of Libya's state sponsored terrorism. Especially as the 'popular front' has failed to win in the last two years.

Egypt is turning out well though.
I think we are going to be major supporters of FYR arms factories overtime bill, and North African ex-dictatorships. We buy 'em, ship them to a high intensity war zone, where they get used up in double quick time, rather than float about in the hands of AQ wannabes.
Via the South China Morning Post, that favourite CCP tabloid Global Times is reporting that Syrian rebels downed two government helicopters with FN-6 MANPADS. The tone of the article is pretty much how this success will boost sales for the Chinese arms industry and states that it's not known how the rebels got their hands on them in the first place.

Footage on one of the actions on Youtube.

If not direct from Beijing (unlikely) then probably sourced from Pakistan, as the other users are either 1) responsible 2) disinterested or 3) (in the case of Sudan) already up the Iranians rear crevice.

I'm sure the Persians will be much impressed.

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