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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, May 1, 2011.

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  1. I have heard several mentions of this website in the news as of late as if they are some sort of authority on anything, now call me a cynic but to me it's nothing but a collection of dribbling knocked up slappers who should be spending the fucking day cleaning the house and not online talking about wedding dresses.

    Or am I just too cynical?
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  2. fair assesment
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  3. Spot on mate.
  4. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    If anything a little too mild. FFS what do they know about macro-economics? About the same as the average citizen of this fair land. Which is to say the cube root of fuck all
  5. Speaking as a mother. Roughly translated to "talking out of my arse".
  6. Nail, head. What 'Care in the Community' started, the internet completed.

    Fukayama was right: history has indeed come to an end, though not through any triumph of ideals. It's been smothered under a tsunami of electronically-mediated dribbling and outright cretinry.

    The only thing left for a man of any moral cultivation or decency is to construct his own doomsday device and do to humanity what a loving God should have done around 1973.
  7. Watch yourself though, they may be 'mums', but they are militant (and, I believe litigious) cunts with it. Cross them at your peril.
  8. I hate that phrase like the fact you weren't smart enough to have it scraped out in the early days means your say is worth twice anyone elses
  9. My dear chap, one can never be too cynical!:)
  10. I hear all the members of mumsnet beat their children nightly with bamboo sticks.
  11. Can't knock that kind of parenting!
  12. They'd have to move their fat arses away from their computers first.
  13. It will end in tears.
  14. Someone put a link up.
  15. You can browse mumsnet without signing up, DON'T. A bigger pile of drivel you will never come across. The thread I read was banging on about family allowance where one sweetheart was complaining that hubby only earned 50k and the family allowance paid for baby yoga. Which is apparently essential. I don't know how the human race survived up to this point with out it.

    The trouble with these harridans is that they represent a large part of the voting demographic and apparently any policy which isn't squarely aimed at improving the lot of their pampered brats is evil. Our lords and masters in Whitehall are listening to them.