So this is Christmas

1/4 past 12 on Christmas morning. Sat in Office in Glasgow (not MOD) still got 8 hours left of shift! Merry Christmas ! At work? Where are you what are you doing at this time on this special day? If not at work why are you sober enough to answer this ?
Crikey. I'm sat at home with a can of lager, having just finished wrapping the rest of my pressies to everyone.
I'm not 100% sober, but hey, can't complain.
Hope you have a decent shift mate, hope it passes off without incident and you can sod off home at the end and enjoy your christmas :D .
Comiserations to anyone at work,on stag or what.
Hope you all make the best of it.

Am going back to my parasitic relationship with a bottle of malt.
I'm always sober. Using inebriation as an excuse for being an arsehole, is for losers, I'm an arsehole with or without the addition of alcohol.
Well that's the shift nearly done thanks for the replies have good day hope Santa was good to you all.
in iraq just come off stag merry christmas to one and all
thanks headgash back on at 4 lucky me!
Why are the dates of the posts all f*cked up, oh and have a fab christmas xxxxx
YesItsMe said:
i thought this was the start to a christmas song
Merry christmas YIM!! :D Good to see you posting again xxx :D Hope you and the family have a nice Christmas.

Stille Nachte....

cbgramc; Merry Crimbo mate :D might do that cycle in the spring and take up yer offer neebor.

All the best :D


Night shift mate, but the g/f is alongside keeping company. All the little darlins are thredders thank fook, and you could hear a mouse fart. Can't even have a beer with her either but just feckin wait til lunchtime :lol:

Merry Xmas

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