So the war was for oil...

Talk is so cheap for politicians.

If you look under politician or political candidate it should read “ a person wiling to say anything to get anywhere near the top without getting anywhere near the front”

I like the idea that anybody in power that has to send young men to combat has to have been near a body bag himself and thats not just flying it out!!

Who's up for PM?
And this is somehow...a surprise? :roll:
Only surprise here is that a pol is dumb enough to admit it publicly.
Apparently he mis-spoke... again.
crabtastic said:
Apparently he mis-spoke... again.
:lol: Or another 'senior' moment. God help US if he becomes their president...'Now what was that red button I just pushed for?????'
winnfield said:
Fighting for oil sounds trivial but, its actually very important.
So worth all the body bags then ? :x Fighting for American interests is now a British responsibility :roll:
Another McCain senior moment and an interesting comment from General Wes Clark.
Oil is what keeps the West interested in the Middle East but it is not the motive for every war fought there.In some cases it is a factor but rarely the sole one.
Water is a growing issue and will become a very big issue for the countries of the Fertile Crescent.

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