So, the Sun is pro-Forces eh?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by IrishSlacker, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. Well, they've decided to p*ss all over the Irish Defence Forces....

    A Miss (formerly 2/lt) Colette McBarron has decided to sell her story to the Irish Sun and News of the World.

    Her history:

    She became a Miss Ireland contender after winning Miss South Dublin:

    Battle for Miss Ireland crown Army officer on a mission to conquer the beauty world

    then this story from her past emerged:

    A JUDGE has banned a young army officer from the road for a month after branding her a "dreadful driver". -Irish Sunday Mirror

    She didn't win Miss Ireland.

    Next headline she made was this:

    Reprimand for wannabe Miss Ireland who lied to army

    Next thing we newsreaders hear:

    Army girl Collette is back in

    Pin-up Collette resigns-Irish Sunday Mirror

    Now, on friday we hear ads for "only in the Irish Sun" about how she was "shunned" by her army colleagues and reveals all about the goings on in the barracks.

    Her "story" takes up pages 2,3,4 & 5 of today's Sun.

    Apparently there'll be more tomorrow in the Irish NOTW


    Randy soldiers roamed base for sex

    females are "de-feminised" by having to get there hair cut and wearing uniforms that don't allow you to tell the difference sometimes between a male & a female

    military leaked the story about her court martial to prevent her winning Miss Ireland

    compared some of her experiences to those of Demi Moore as she struggled to become a Navy Seal in hit flick GI Jane.

    It's a hatchet job. She's p*ssed off a lot of people over here. If I can find the rag tomorrow, then I'll post quotes.

    Disgusted is how I feel.
  2. Who are you disgusted with, her for selling the story or them for buying it?
  3. Both I suppose.
  4. The Sun, is pro "The Sun" end of.
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  5. Well seeing you i mean colette did this...The 23-year-old was severely reprimanded after pleading guilty to illegally leaving her base for several hours while on security duty in September 2007.

    Whats the problem you/she didnt exactly cover yourself with glory, any pics of colette in bikini though?
  6. "you/she?"

    there's shots in the links, I'm sure a google would do as well for bikini shots.
  7. If she wasn't opening her mouth, there'd be no story.

    If those papers hadn't bought it, some other tabloid would of - because apparently that's the sort of story that sells papers.

    Welcome to the modern world.

  8. Papers only care about making money, they will back a campaign that has the backing of the nation and are popular, but it's all about following what the public want, do you notice how the papers are full of stories about greedy bankers, MPs, etc when there was nothing about this back when it was at its worst, the reason for that, the public want to be outraged against bankers and city types, so the paper are filling their pages with everything they can find about this.

    It'll be the same for soldiers, the public are onside just now, but if public opinion swayed then the paper will hunt down stories.
  9. The Sun's always said it's the forces paper - but truthfully they're only onside when it suits them. As someone else said, they're only interested in selling papers.
    They've run enough stories panning various parts of the forces before now, always seems to get overlooked when they say something good...
  10. Give the man a No Prize! :D
  11. She wasn't an officer, she is a socialite. She has let the Defence Forces and probably herself down.
  12. Doesn't this belong in ARRSE International?
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  14. Schaden

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    Actually the Guardian is probably more pro forces and the people who serve in them than the Sun - who as someone pointed out is pro the Sun.
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Underneath every pro forces story there is usually a "do you know the individual / unit call 0800...."
    So people can phone in with their stories about people and units

    It dosen't take long before the papers turn on anyone look at Goody two tears ago they were trying to drive her out of the country now the Sun are claiming she's a princess and single handedly save the lives of millions of women

    Bird in question