So the Stig was one of THEM

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by pongo6863, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. Please can we have some more 'Stig' Threads. After all, 5 is a rubbish number...
  2. Who ******* cares?
  3. He was on The Balcony,just behind me.
    I gave him the name The Stig.He actually liked the nickname Johnny Three Socks.But as he was always in shit order I renamed him and it stuck for ever.Could I sue the BBC?
    Hope this helps.
  4. I agree the whole thing of a mystery car driver is a pile of sh1te, but there will be some sad pepole buying the book.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    There is footage after the embassy job of a MK 1 Transit wheel spinning away afterwards

    They say he is being wked round to TV stations to front car show to rival TG

    Is book will have to spill some beans for anyone to buy it

    Why don't TG reverse the thing?
    Sack ex Them driving instructor employ the taxi driver B20 hijacked in Baghdad
  6. Rubbish, he was Bob no skids...
  7. Is that the Publisher's Balcony?

    What do you get if you reverse 'stig'?
  8. At a guess Gits?
  9. Is that the 'Them' he supposed to be one of?