So thats why its called the Mess.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by General Melchett, May 10, 2005.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Just a whinge to anyone who cares to listen, as no-one else does, about our Sgts' mess.

    I'll list the complaints:

    Poor decoration and threadbare carpets in living accomodation.
    Dirty showers and toilets.
    Broken fixtures and fittings.
    No public telephone.
    Large mess bill prices.
    No tea or coffee making facilities after the kitchen closes.
    A bar that runs out of stock on a regular basis, and before you ask it's not caused by heavy drinking.
    Meals to be ordered in a day in advance, so if you don't order you don't get fed.
    SNCO's living in the lads block due a lack of rooms.
    Rooms empty due to being uninhabitable with outstanding work services.
    Inefectual mess manager, the complaints are raised, but nothing is ever done.

    Whinge over.

    So after all this time striving to get into the mess guys would rather have stayed in the cookhouse. It would seem the only advantage about the mess is cheap beer and waitress service. No incentive to be promoted.

    The Mess is run by SODEXHO. :evil:
  2. What a surprise!! It's not much better for the Officers. I've lived in three messes run by Sodexho, and they were all run very badly. So much so that at one of them they lost the contract. (At least I'd like to think that was why they lost it. They were probably undercut by someone who did an even worse job.)

    Sorry. I forgot to ask permission to come in. [Bits humbly apologises and heads for the door....]
  3. Your average Presiding Member doesn't give a flying fcuk about the members that live in, so expect more of the same.
  4. So how do you propose to try and make any changes to your mess?
  5. you can get the beers in for everybody at the bar 1st :wink:
  6. Think you need to get onto the Mess Commitee for some of those things. Some are shite. But that's the state of the Army. It is ****. Am sure you can get money for self help. Speak to QM.
  7. RTFQ


    If you're where I think you are (overlooked by a pointy shed on a hill, major civil war battle site next door) then they probably still break the regs on the requisite number of fire escapes in the mess accom. report the lazy feckers to the fire inspectors and get it shut down. The engrs won't put up with it if/when they get there in strength...

    I think it's SODEXHO that run the prison system accom/food services in the US. Pile of sh1te
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator


    I have a plan. Burn them, burn them all down!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Our mess is - ok - not the best accommodation, but the food is great. I like my rooms, its not the best but hey, I have seen worse (Thank goodness I have my own house albeit a few hundred miles away) You have to make of it what you can. Do you actively make an effort? Its your mess FFS. If you don't like it, say so. I do (strangely enough) and it works. Turn it back to the Sgts' Mess. It's your choice.

    And yes, most of SODEXHO are shite. But not all of them.
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Rooms! I should be so lucky. The quality of food is superb, the public rooms are fine.

    The private rooms are BAD. Self help, complaining etc has been done. However the mess is due a rebuild so no one is keen to do anything. Rebuild is scheduled between 1 to 3 years away.
  11. Sodhexo are also taking on the contracts selling pies at rugby/football matches and they are going up in price but down hill in quality.

    With regards to the mess bollock the lazy b*stards. Annoy the management everytime you see them and generally make things uncomfortable until they get it sorted. You are paying for it after all.
  12. Good advice Lairdx!
  13. i agree the WARRANT OFFICERS AND SERGEANTS MESS` are being degraded year by year and, i too, think there is a bigger agenda about this, but, i will reserve my ranting until further research has confirmed this
  14. Whinge, whinge whinge and whine.............................thats what you should do at every opportunity and get those who also live in the mess to do the same thing and take it to the CO responsible. You pay mess fees and the CO is given funds to maintain a Sgts mess. FFS don't let up moaning about these useless civvy run tw@ts. Its all too much trouble for the presiding member these days or so it seems, what they really want is for you to move out and make their sad fcuking lives easier......w@nkers!
  15. OK, So The Mess is in a run down state and you want something done about it?

    1. Complain to the Presiding Member. All livers in need to be on the same wavelength here!

    2. In writing to the CO, QM.

    3. In writing to the Garrison Comdr.

    4. In writing to Sodexho.

    5. To your local MP Once you tell the CO etc that the letter to him is in the post they will be running round painting and decorating like ****!!

    6. You will probably have pissed off certain people and your career will be fucked but your room should be fine. LOL