So thats how we won the Battle of Britian !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Ah the smail is again giving away our aircraft secrets or reporting is crap as normal:)

    The Spitfire from WW II for example.

    Pilot Howard Squire, getting into the cockpit, top left, following his eight-year restoration project, that saw the jet rebuilt using original Spitfire parts salvaged from the aircraft which he flew, aged 20, bottom left, during World War II. He took to the skies above Biggin Hill airfield in South-East London.

    Salvation of a Spitfire: For 40 years it lay decaying but thanks to one man's passion (and £3m) it's soaring again

    Read more: Battle of Britain Spitfire: Restored after 40 years and £3m | Mail Online

  2. I always thought we had the first operational jet during WW2...... idiots.
  3. Yup,their brain fart was almost as big as yours, It's Battle of Britain! :whew:
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  4. Ah yes, that would be the Spitfire Squire flew up Al Deere's arse on a training sortie. "Shitehawk to spring chicken in one easy lesson." :D
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  5. There is a great survival story attached to this incident. When Squire collided with Deere it ripped the tail off Deere's Spitfire. The plane went into a flat spin and Deere was trapped in the cockpit by the centrifugal forces.

    Then Miracle Number 1 happened: The wind shear ripped his cockpit canopy off and threw him sideways through the half hatch.

    The Reaper wasn't done yet. It only partly threw him clear. The spinning aircraft came around and smacked him in the arse, ripping his parachute to pieces and severing his rip cord. So that was him dead.

    Then Miracle Number 2 happened: The plane smacked him so hard it partly ripped the pack open and eventually, at little more than 1000ft, the airflow caught his knackered canopy and it deployed....

    But the Reaper hadn't given up. In fact his parachute was so badly torn up the shock of the canopy opening caused the harness to fail and at little under 100ft he was plummeting to his death again.

    Then miracle number 3 happened: He landed on his back in a cesspit.

    Al Deere: Probably the only man in history who can boast that landing neck deep in shit literally, saved him from landing neck deep in shit figuratively. :D
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  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Mate's grandad was a copper during the BoB and he stopped some angry villagers stringing up a Polish Pilot.
    "Good afternoon my arrse get them up go on...." it realy did happen
  7. Great story. We should form a reenactment group and use Air Filter as the Polish pilot. We could see what would have happened if your mate's grandad hadn't turned up.

    All we need is a rope, a pitchfork and a tree.

    Oh, and Arrse's favourite poster, Airfilter.
  8. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

  9. If Spitfire restoration and seeing them flying again is something that touches people, check out this bunch:

    Enstone Flying Club, Oxfordshire,Articles

    They are building a whole squadron of Spitfire replicas to fly at air shows, military shows, all that kind of stuff. The aircraft are properly ****ing expensive, so they are selling shares in the aircraft. Take out a big enough share in one of them, and they (as qualified pilots at Enstone Flying Club) will teach you how to fly your plane.

    Sounds like a jolly good deal if you can afford it. I would.
  10. I hope he had a few choice words to say to his survival gear guys :D