So Tempted

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OSACIN, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. haviang just paid for some fuel for the old jalopy,this evening, the rather attractive serving wench politely asked if there was anything else i wanted - i was so tempted to drop the boxers and say "yes - slap your laughing tackle around this."

    so, what temptations have others had ??
  2. Many moons ago, Mrs DDDD and I were visiting her sister, wifey had gone round to see her Mum, her not at all unattractive elder sister was sunbathing topless outside on the deck when she throws me a bottle of tanning oil, smiles and asks "Can you do my back?"

    Well what would you do?? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Girl in office today informs bystanders that she does weight training. Self bites tongue to prevent saying "I'll have to come over and have a look at your snatch".
  4. During a first aid lecture, a rather dashing, war like, man mountain Rodney instructor went on to demonstrate various methods of carrying a casualty, he went through the usual fireman’s lift etc and for each one he pulled up a volunteer. He then went on to demonstrate “the monkey crawl” !!

    When he looked up for a volunteer, like everyone else I avoided eye contact by staring at the resus doll covered in a thousand manky first field dressings but it wasn’t my day. As I got to the front he handed me a rifle sling, he laid on the floor then asked me to bind his hands together and straddle his chest. Needless to say the room erupted but this guy remained completely stoney faced. I did as he said. He put his arms round my neck then asked me to drag him across the floor by crawling…. the rest of the room had progressed from sniggers to full on belly laughs as I tried to shift him. As for being tempted, thinking about where his head was as I dragged him, it took all I had not to look down and say “Errr whilst you’re down there Sir”

    <re reading that… I have never seen this done since, I feel I may have been had!>
  5. But only between consenting Adults :wink:
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I had to send an email with a very large photo file for publication to our exhibition manager (an ex submariner) and our PR lady, a rather fetching and enthusiastic redhead of indeterminate age.

    Realising she was on an AOL account with a download limit I forwarded it to the exhibition manager with a message that "I have not given it to Helen yet as I didn't want to fill her box with something so large without her blessing."

    The poor bloke is still lying on the floor a week later.