so reading various threads it is definately certain that....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by is_engr_supremo, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. :D
    IS ENGR IS the new GODS TRADE. Granted it once was Radio Technician, but alas time moves on! So please feel free to have a whinge.
  2. You poor boy- raise your hands in the air and pray that God in his Telemech-wisdomness pays your call-sign a visit in your hour of need!!!!!
  3. Both of you behave. I think you'll find RTG was, is and always will be GODS TRADE.
  4. Where did you get your info??

    RTG WAS the old gods trade but the case is still out for who is the new (if any) - especially with the changes that the Corps has and will go through.

    IS ENGR is definately NOT in the running. Granted they work on some new kit but respect is earned and as they have been around for 2 seconds they have earned sh*te. Just look at any of the forums that mention IS and most peaople will be asking what they do - especially when the proverbial hits the fan!!

    The Arrseholes that way /\ :twisted:
  6. gods trade arguement yet again! -is eng sup whats with all the arrse medals and only have 20 posts? how did you get them?
  7. Becuase he/she has made numorous donations to the Arrse slush fund!
  8. Donations to the CO's! Money really can buy you medals!
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I always thought that Padre's had a bit of a hold on Gods' thread.

    The rest of you get a life and start realising you are soldiers first and trade a very far second place.

    I thank you :roll:
  10. Could not have said it better myself Auld Yin. Difficult to beleive I know but there is life outside the Signals Pond.
  11. Oh dear, i think you meant believe!!!

    Don't play with me little man!
  12. you've done it!
  13. Why? You a lezza like?
  14. :roll: no, i just don't like to play with obnoxious w@nkers!
  15. Obnoxious W@nkers, you must really hate yourself...... Oh, dear!