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So, No Raise, then...

Sadly, news of Coppers in trouble for 'doing their job '...IMHO

" Four teenagers in the Northern Mexican town of Guadaloupe say local police spray-painted their hair, shoes and buttocks to teach them not to paint graffiti on public property. The youths filed a complaint with the human-rights commission of Nuevo Leon State. Guadaloupe's police department says several officers have been suspended while the matter is being investigated."

somehow I feel the kids will win on this, but, since its Mexico, they may not...

suppose the police should have just arrested the lot, chucked them in jail and let the drug addicts and cartel hoodlums play with them and beat the snot out of the lads instead...
Jesus, what's the world coming to to when even Mexican peons think they've got human rights?

Next they'll be saying it's not OK to shoot looters. Or Traffic Wardens.

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