So, my gym membership expired...

And I couldnt be bothered to sort out my new membership now that im 18. I've decided that instead of pumping iron and getting myself "schwarzeneggerd", I'm going to push for fitness in time for uni.

My question is about sit - ups, which my mates keep telling me mess your back up and that i should be doing crunches instead. Whats the best thing for my body? Is there an exercise you guys reccommend that does your back to counteract the sit - ups?

I'm doing press ups and sit ups/crunches 3 days a week and runs 3 days a week at the mo, if this has any bearing on which exercise is best.

Hmm, they look as if they'll do, I used to do something similar at the gym.
civi-in-green said:
so why the fuuck you asking, pleb...tuss......rarstcart knobjockey.
and the point of that answer was??? :roll:

Try some core strengthening exercises fella, they work wonders. Use google and you'll find plenty references. Like here...Clicky


Wackning works mate, you have to alternate your arms but its good cardio vascular and upper body!

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