So much for Tony Blairs promises


A serious shortage of patrol vehicles is hampering operations in Afghanistan, British commanders have told the BBC.

BBC correspondent Alastair Leithead said a lack of heavily armoured Land Rovers was a particular problem.

Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Mayo, spokesman in Helmand province, said only 126 of the 170 needed were in working order.

A spokesman for the MoD (who glanced at the Plasma screen hanging on the wall of this newly re-furbished office, as he wheeled his £1,000 chair across the plush axminster) denied there was a shortage and said huge investments had been made in equipment for the Army.

Plus ca change. In Neue Arbeit-land, promises are for making, never for keeping.

I for one will never, ever give the Labour Party a moment of my time again, nor brake if I see them crossing the street.
Now lets be fair to ol' Tony.He does have a lot on his plate,what with all these luncheon engagement & his impending house move.
But this is a 'non story' really.The British serviceman has always been poorley equipped but has got on with the job with a degree of profesionalism that makes our Army the best in the world!
Same thing happened in Aden 1965...shortage of Landrover spares. Problem was resolved unit QM (T) made a local purchase from the local Landrover dealer in Steamerpoint!!!!

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