so many options, help please.....

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by azman, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. Evening all, I am looking at joining the army, and i'm just looking for a bit of insider info, a couple of my friend are on tour so are not around to advice me. I am looking at either REME aircraft engineer, RE plant operator mechanic, or signallers can anyone help? just to help i learn things better when i'm shown and not out of a text book, i'm physically fit, enjoy a challenge and can have a laugh . if anyone can share any experiences or ideas to help me out that would be great thanx
  2. Welcome to the site, Azman.

    How about listing your qualifications and age?

  3. IMHO, a 'hands on' job would be the one for you.

    RE Fitter, R Sigs Elec or just about any REME trade would suit what you have said.
  4. I disagree, Heid. From his original comments, this guy will struggle with any technical job! And that removes all three of those trades from the equation, IMHO.

    Let the gentleman tell us about his qualifications, first?

  5. I can only really give you an answer to the RE side of your question. Basically, all Sappers are dual-traded as Combat Engineers plus one other trade. If you choose an 'artisan trade' (sparky, chippy, welder, fitter etc) you can expect to do very little of your trade and sh1te loads of combat engineering (bridging, mine clearance, field fortifications etc). If you become a plant op, driver or signaller (or whatever they are called this week) you can expect to be toasty and warm in your cab and never see a shovel or a mine detector once you've passed out of training. Horses for courses. Your choice.
  6. sorry i'm new to this i'm 23 i have to d's in gcse science 2 d's and english and an e in maths but i enrol at and adult college to do key skills in maths which would the same as a c in gcse. i was doing thrown into a HNC engineering course because the gnvq one was full time and i couldn't be out of work, but i gave that up it was to much of a struggle to learn one day a week when i don't have much knowlegde of engineering at such a level
  7. thanx wedge35, that has helped a bit, i have had an interest in the engineers but i dont want to be stuck in a cab all day although at times it could be the comfortable option, i am no stranger to manual labour, i've been a labour, a tree surgeon and currently i work on a farm restoring old buildings and maintaining them.
  8. Fair one Litoties. I was just thinking off of the top of my head 'hands on' trades.

    Now he has listed his quals, they all seem out of his reach.

    I would use geordies link first to have a look, and then go to your ACIO.
  9. when you sit the entrance tests (BARB, GTI etc) at the careers office, they will tell you what jobs you can do.

    Then you should ask about what they are like.
  10. Sorry, Azman, I was elsewhere! I don't think your paper qualifications will get you into a technical trade where minimum grades are usually B & Cs.

    But the experts are in the ACIO; sit the BARB test and see what they offer. Grab any literature, surf the Army's website, list all your questions and then search on here for the answers.

  11. hi all, i would just like to say thanx for the input and all your advise, and i'm sure i'll be on line again asking question thanx for all your time. i still want to persue a career in the army, and there are no hard feelings cheers azman
  12. Good luck mate.

    P.S. You got a D in English? How on earth did you manage that? :D
  13. god knows, i always struggled in school, i was in the lower classes because i needed additional help but in the lower sets are the people that don't want to learn, so thet play up and therefore the ones that need that additional help don't recieve it. sh1t really i am doing free adult classes now to try and redeem myself if all goes to plan.
  14. Whilst I understand your desire to improve your qualifications, why not join the Army and do so? We offer a very good training package in an environment which is unrivalled anywhere in the country. Any soldier who messes around in class quickly finds that such behaviour is not tolerated.

    You are 23; get off your arrse now and get down the ACIO.