So long to the army.... MOs are w*****s

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by boro_private, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. For those of you who have given me advice in the past and gave me words of encouragement I would like to say thankyou.

    I have had a call from my AFCO today saying that as a result of a chemical burn last year I am now deffered for a further 3 years. I tried to appeal, as I said in my earlier topic. The words from my GP seem inadequate and the MO's seem to think they can judge a single recruit on some mis-written paperwork.

    I have been through the frustration of being knocked back before, I had to wait 2 years from 2005 due to asthma, I didn't think that a one off occurance like a chemical burn would mean I have to wait another 3 years.

    How can it be that the army is overstretched and undermanned? Simple really, because they turn healthy and clever lads like me away, week in, week out.

    If anyone knows a way of getting hold of the cheif of staff then please let me know, I would be very keen to write him a letter explaining my situation.

    Waiting 2 years was bad enough, people said "go do something else, experience civi life and make your mind up whether the army is for you", well two years of civi life is enough thanks, I don't need another 3 years to make me understand that the majority of civi workers my age can't be arsed with their job and don't work for the cause they serve.

    Rant over, Please help, I don't want to turn my back on the army, it's all i've ever wanted to do (apart from play rugby for a living and i've done that)
  2. I'm sorry for you, that's how I would have felt/ currently feel, in a nutshell, albeit to a smaller effect, as I can definately handle it all.. it's just the theory that cuts me down.. the same for you.. a burn.. A BURN.. :(

    Good luck in voicing your opinion, and being heard.
  3. i thought {and yes this is just my thinking, based on something ive heard or seen somewhere}

    that you could appeal to the Defence Secretary......

    {AGAIN this is is just something i heard and could be completely wrong and feel free to point this out.}

    then again he's probably too busy doing nothing to read a letter anyway.

  4. Sorry to hear that you have to wait another three years to join up,But have you really sat down and thought that may be your negative attitude may be a factor in there decision also . You may think the British Army are being a little harsh but if any thing else occurred from your recent medical problems which made your medical problems worse because of certain things you are subjected too while training you would be the first to want to claim compensation from them
  5. Will the TA take you?

    Or go to a ACF unit and wait out. If you still want to join in 3 years go for it.

    Could you do a degree or learn a trade in the mean time? Busy busy busy and all that.

    As for writing letters, go for it. If you want in badly enough try everything.
  6. Oh I'm sorry to hear that boro_private. Best of luck with whatever route you decide on!
  7. Try the TA mate they might take you for the few years you may have to wait plus it'll keep your mind on fitness and give you something to do. Have a go at writing letters might work i hope they do. Good luck with it all though mate.
  8. I'm really sorry to hear you have been f***** over by the system and narrow minded people who can't look past the piece of paper in front of them - its a loss for all involved!

    PS Choc frog - thank you and I hope every one supports Headley Court
  9. Try the TA, you can get a tour under your belt and if you are with a reg unit, and they like you, you can request a transfer straight in. Its not easy though.

    If they still mess you about try the marines or, God forbid, RAF Regt.
  10. Guys, firstly thanks again, it's great to hear your comments, im really appreciative of it.

    I have just wrote to my local MP, not only to get some help but also to let the government know why the army they run is failing those who wish to join.

    I am going to try my local TA, I know a lot of friends who go down.

    In the mean time I am also looking at doing a few more courses.
  11. I bet they're very popular! :D
  12. LOL, good one
  13. Why don't you post this on the RAMC forum?