So , Libya was to help the poor Libyans?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. So we get something out of it.
    Tbf allowing gadaffi to lets his artilery attempt to level a city was never going to happen.
    The ****** had it coming
  2. I had a chat with a senior FCO bloke during the conflict. He was pretty sure we'd already agreed a very nice oil arrangement for our assistance in the matter.
  3. The ****** desrved to on the the uks shit list and given an excuse to bomb the barstard getting something out of i is a bonus.
  4. Now that's efficiency.

    We simultaneously remove the existing fleet of aircraft whilst conducting a personal demonstration of the new kit they'll want to replace it!

    Now, who fancies slinging a few Storm Shadows Assad's way?
  5. I should bleeding well hope so having spunked away a good part of a billion quid. All the last deal cost was: al-Megrahi, rendering a few dissidents back to be tortured and a bit of groveling from Mr Tony on behalf of BP.
  6. If you have a budget, why buy things you KNOW don't work (Like geriatric Cold War retreads from the Russians and Chinese) , when you can buy things that you have SEEN work?

    I mean, it's not like he works for MoD Procurement, is it? He's got the ability to make a sensible decision.
  7. Although buying Rafale AND Typhoon - if correct - probably doesn't count as sensible.
  8. That would depend entirely on the size of the bung attached to the deal.
  9. Yep, lets just work our way down the whole defence export sales list starting with what's selling the least. Spolit for choice I suspect?

    A cynic would say that the whole suppport for the Libyan freedom movement could be construed as just a huge marketing stunt?
  10. Personally, I'd buy the one or t'other, but not both. I suppose it allows you to fly something different on Bank Holidays.
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  11. I very much doubt that the British TI will be taking this news seriously. It’s come up in talks a number to times over the past 6 months, but although the Libyans like the Typhoon (because they have seen it work very effectually) they have no idea at the massive cost. As with most military contracts it’s not the cost of the vehicle but the training, support, infrastructure and maintenance that ramps it up.

    If they were to start off with asking for Hawk training aircraft and then look at building towards Typhoon, that would be more realistic.

    I know of guys how have found Migs still “boxed up” like airfix kits in Libya.
  12. Libya might be poor, but they've got a shit-load of oil and we're normally happy to accept that as payment... just look at Saudi Arabia.
  13. $22,000 per capita GDP for Saudi Arabia versus $6,000 for Libya... Not quite comparable. Other countries similarly ranked with Libya include Angola, Armenia and Georgia.
  14. I seem to recall a rather elaborate but this time succesful Iranian hostage type rescue going on to protect the employees and possibly the business interests of BP.

    Special forces swoop on Libya to pull Britons to safety - Telegraph

    Did the new regime nationalise the oil wells after?

    Doubt it, I would not be suprised if PMC's turned up on the quiet around the same time to babysit it.