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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. I start phase 1 in Catterick on november 20th, which will run straight through christmas...Does this mean after just 4 weeks phase 1 I will get a 2 week holiday? If so I'm not sure if thats a good, or bad thing..
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Bad thing.......very bad thing. The course should have been slipped until January.

    After 4 weeks the homesickness is still there, then two weeks at home, then back to square 1........damned silly idea, almost cruel.
  3. I had to do that along time ago but I started on the 4th of December, was there two weeks and then home for two weeks! The momentum is lost.....hard to get it back again.
  4. Thats what I thought, the whole 'hell' of phase 1, well, it'll be a hell to someone who until november 20th will have previously been an (extremely) lazy civvy, then a quick taster of home again..then back to phase 1..hmm, oh well, it'll be nice to see my girlfriend for the first time in 3 months..*sigh*
  5. Likewise here. I started my basic training and 4 weeks later, I went on summer leave for 4 weeks. It is a bit sh1tty though! And also a very bad idea. We had numerous people just jack it in when they got back from summer leave and the bullsh1t started all over again...
  6. This is exactly what happened for me during basic only we went home for a break after only two weeks. Some lads didn't come back.
  7. I had a recruit come back after a weekend and say that he was glad to be back. He'd spent the first night out with his old Civvy mates since joining and had left after an hour as he'd made his mind up that they were all scruffy scrounging idle chavs and he was better off without them.

    He was a good lad, got into some trouble for a employing a little barrack room discipline on one of the mongs but a solid guy, went to the Staffords.
  8. When my mate joined the Navy, he spent 3 weeks down at Basic, two weeks on leave, a week back down there and another two weeks on leave, it broke him and he ended up leaving, because he couldn't get into the swing of things properly with all the civvie time he was getting.

    No idea how he got so much leave - it was during the summer, so I guess the two weeks was block leave, no idea about the other two weeks.
  9. Who thought this nonsense up? Leave in the beginning of basic, just silly.
  10. I think the only time that happened was when that solstice thing took place in the Democratic Republic of Cornwall in 99 or 2000. I know that RNAS Culdrose did something very similar to that but I'm surprised that HMS Raleigh did the same thing.
  11. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just to put a different spin on this - if you were the DS, surely you would want Christmas leave?
  12. Fair enough, but for the sake of a couple of weeks, why not delay the intake?
  13. Some of the cited 'breaks' in training were not over Christmas, apparently.

    If a course has be scheduled over Christmas, it shouldn't be a surprise to the DS when it comes up.
    Some occupations get Christmas and Boxing Day off only. In countries like the US they don't get Boxing Day!
    I'm not suggesting a 'scrooge' approach, but if a course has been planned, it shouldn't be a problem to work over it.
    It would be better though to have courses scheduled to end before Christmas, and new ones to start after.
  14. Would have been about 2002 if I remember rightly, not sure of the exact circumstances, I just take the piss out of him for not having the spine to stay in. If I remember, I'll ask next time I see him.
  15. We went through this nonsense many years ago and tried to get it all stopped. Recruits don't get going, their tempo is all disrupted and worse the suicide rate for young males increases at this time. Disruption and change just increase those risks.

    The problem is that training diaries are sooo booked that they cannot afford the slippage. That said, Infantry recruiting is only reaching 40% of its target, so there should be some slip in the system.