So, Jocks. Will you be supporting England?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by AndyPipkin, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Nae kin way! I will cheer on whoever they play.

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  2. I am gay and dinna like football.

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  3. Depends who England are playing.

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  1. Personly, I'll be recording ALL Englands games.....

    And if they loose, then I'll watch the feckers.

  2. Anything more up to date that will dispell your own chippiness?

    BTW - I thought you were a spam. :)
  3. Sorry to disappoint you Andy, but yes, I will be supporting England.

    I've seen a few of your threads before, and you've got a serious anti-Scottish chip on your shoulder, do us all a favour and get rid of it!
  4. Ha ha! Will I fcuk!
  5. Sorry... we prefer the politically correct title of oatmeal savage. In reply to your first question I would rather shove my arse in a bacon slicer and sit in a bath of vinegar. This is nothing personal as my wife is English as are most of my friends but I would rather be honest than lie. However this does not mean I would run down the nearest chav shop and buy opposition football shirts as i have seen some of my countrymen do in the past. That is frankly p**s poor form.
  6. Just to add another wee dimesion to your vote.

    I am a grand wee Ulsterman, an' I'll be cheering England.
    After all you've got to be magnanimous in victory ... One - Nil lads, remember?
  7. Once again I fecked up the poll, supposed to be an 'Och Aye, I'll support England' option.

    Interesting debate on the WLQ on Newsnight tonight. When asked by one panel member directly whether the current situation was fair, the NuLab Scottish MP (yes, he was a ginga) started burbling on about the 'great economyt' Gordo has bequeathyed us rather than answering the question.

    Personally I pished myself laughing when Scotland lost to Costa Rica in 1990.
  8. Don't forget Peru.......
  9. Funny, I thought it was understood that the Scots (and the Welsh) cheered for whoever England was playing...
  10. \\

    Wow did you well done you any other football related triumphs to boast about recently?
  11. I will watch all the England games and will have so much pleasure when Rooney gets tackled to his 'injured' foot, taken out of the game and England lose - Shplendid! Come on England give your homeland ANOTHER spectacular loss and make sure you cook up some great excuses!!
  12. I was ROS on the night that England went out of Euro 04 against Portugal. Naffi bar full of England fans except for the obligitory Welshman and Scotsman in the middle of it all, winding everyone else up. Had to eject them for their own safety when the glasses and stools started flying!
  13. Okay, to make some predictions

    England dont win, and the following excuses will be:
    Too much media attention
    Rooney wasnt really that fit but played anyway coz he loves his pay packet..oppss I mean he loves his country
    Dodgy refs, and if they reach the final, and the ref is german, and they lose, it WILL be the refs fault

    If they win
    The ALL get an OBE which of course is the order of the BRITISH empire not the order of the ENGLISH empire

    Finally, Im still loving all these flag being flown on cars depicting a Turkish saint's cross (St George) with 'Come on England' on them
    Lets see just how many disapear when England lose

    Finally I had to laugh at the BBC this morning when a German School was out showing support for England, Rooney Who????? All they knew was Beckham..loved it...

  14. Of course the small minority of poor fans are always there..that would be 85% minority then

    I did join the BRITISH army, not the ENGLISH army, and please stop waving Union Flags and shouting England..its not yours to your Turkish Saints one instead