So I've got this tank with "L11A4" marked on the gun breech...

Discussion in 'RAC' started by California_Tanker, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. I've got some SMEs already looking into this, but thought some of the dinosaurs on here might have a clue. More eyes are always better.

    Here's the breech in question.


    Clearly says L11A4.
    However, here's the gun attached to the breech.


    Clearly says L11A5. We know only one L11A4 gun was made, but I don't know how many A4 breeches were made.

    So, the two questions are:
    1) Was it heard of to have a gun and breech of different generations? Did you ever have an L11A3 breech on an L11A5 gun, for example? Or was the breech usually of the same mark as the gun it was attached to?

    2) If A4 breeches were relatively common (or at least, not unheard of), what were the differences, if any?

    Any light that could be shed would be appreciated.

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    So I've got this tank.....

    Good way to start a thread. :-D
  3. Love the way CT casually threw that in there.
  4. Can't beat a bit of modesty...
  5. JINGO

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    Cant help you but just looking at those pictures bought back that sulphur smell of a freshly fired round!
  6. After my time,but this might help.

    Production Models. The basic L11 design spawned a series of production models; the L11A5 represented the major production version.
    L11A1 – The initial production variant; 130 produced.
    L11A2 – (then) RO Defence incorporated numerous minor changes to the base model, including a modified vent tube, an obturator sleeve protector, and a 15-hole vent tube magazine. In addition, the contractor used a stronger material in fabricating the breech ring.
    L11A3 – This model incorporated additional minor changes to the breech ring.
    L11A4 – This was a single piece used to evaluate an automatic loading system.
    L11A5 – This was the main production model. It introduced the integral muzzle reference system and a fume extractor of smaller size and less weight. These two modifications necessitated the addition of 7.7 kilograms (16.94 lb) of weight at the breech for balance purposes
  7. It was more a figure of speech. I don't own the tank, it's in the Littlefield Collection here in California. Just trying to find out a bit more about it as I caught the A4 lettering when I was inside it a couple of weeks ago and it seemed odd.

  8. And there, Ladies and Gentlemen, you have the reason why the 11th were the Regiment, in the middle of the last Century,who set the standard to which other Regiments aspired.
    Such arcane subjects were the lingua france of the Sqn bars, Messes and the Snake Pit. Exessive drinking and fornication was frowned upon.
    Made I laff, Brown'at, worth a pint at Telford.
  9. As brownhat has already stated (saw the same data myself on Wiki, but it does tally with Osprey Books info for the Chieftain MBT) the L11A4 its rearer than rocking horse shite, as it was a single unit made for evaluation purposes on placing a 120mm auto loader (similar to the 75mm system of the French AMX-13 light tank) into a Chieftain to reduce the crew to 3, so the gun and the Chieftain it is mounted in is a rear beast to be sure.

    They never got the system to work properly and the tank was later reverted for use as a standard gun tank in service, don't know which unit got it and the wagon externally would have simply looked like a pre IFCS Mk5. But as anyone who ever served on Chieftain will tell you there really were no two wagons completely alike, all being in various states of modification until the day they left service.
  10. I can smell those cordite farts already!!!!

    Anyone on here fired a charge only? god it makes a mess!!!!!
  11. I quite agree with Hoochie,Chieftains all had a quirkiness about them, and all had minor niggles. The L11 gun went from A1 to A7,and having spent 2 years in a trials unit, I did actually see the A4 monster, so it is a real rarity.
  12. IIRC when i was on GST at Bovvy they had one in the workshops, infact a whole row of different breeches,a spotters table i think.
  13. That brings back memories....."Behind the Gun"!!!!!!
  14. Fantastic. So what was it mounted in, and how did the autoloader system work?