So its true that car size is inversely proportional to....

When Googling and "Safe Search" is off, even the most innocent search can come up with some surprising results.

Penis Size Chart #1 - Penis Length (Erect)

From the chart above we can see that Over 55% of men with penis size between 5.5" to 6.5", this are result based on survey of 600 people, within age between 19 to 30 in USA. And the length is measured along the head of the penis from tip to abdomen.


Which explains why American cars are so big. (And presumably also suggests why Germans look smug in their Smart cars).

Then I found this:

If you plot the results of the first two charts on the last one, you see why American birds "just adore the British accent". Evidently "accent" is a euphemism.
I drive a 4 litre Jaguar XJS and, whilst it may make my penis look small, it does enable me to maintain a hard on for a greater length of time. 8)

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