So, its official - UK troops to leave Iraq by July

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. BBC Websource: UK troops to leave Iraq 'by July'

    Not unexpected of course, welcome news all the same - any significance in the timing of the announcement? Other than Brown wanting to detract from the parlous state of the UK economy?

    Mission accomplished then?
  2. you got a year for that or did they just say july :lol:
  3. Another defence cut in August, then - Gordon wants his 'Peace Dividend'.
  4. Yes, when are the Afghan elections again??
  5. Presidential en provincial council elections are scheduled for September 2009. Parlement + district council elections for summer 2010. Or so they hope. Plenty of time I'd reckon.
  6. Yep, just thinking the same thing Stanley. We're going to need plenty of boots on the ground for the inevitable local 'colour' that happens round about election time.

    Just give the Iraqi Government the invoice for services rendered, and let's get our people out.
  7. Leaving Iraq to go to ....Afghanistan. Brown is going to get the most publicity out of 'bringing the troops home' between now and July and then as quietly as possible deploy them to Afghanistan

  8. But the public is not foolish. They realised what was happening when a reduction of sorts was last announced in Iraq and an increase in Afghanistan. But as with any Government they wont be swung by public opinion and will do what they want regardless.
  9. The Great Messiah Broon once again 'saving the world'. Not that its a bad thing our troops are leaving mid next year but would he have done it if he hadn't cocked up sooo bad with the economy? It just seems like a stunt to take our attentions off how much of a pillock he really is.
  10. Thank fcuk I won't have to do another bone TELIC tour. Feel sorry for the 20Bde lads having to tear down all that infrastructure at the various locs throughout Southern Iraq.
  11. That is very annoying to put it mildly but lets not forget Gordon's trying to put the world right. Something that clearly comes natural to him...

    ...nevertheless the troops will come home and that can't be delayed. Ol' William Hague is getting on his soap box as this thread is taking place.
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Well lets look at this from another point of view.

    Brown, who is more Lefty than BLiar probably privately - like all those handwringing MP's - wanted nothing to do with invading Iraq. He however stood loyally by the PM and for the good of the country as did we (I recall our informed arguments here on arrse in 2002-3 so I'll not accept otherwise).

    BLiar kept us there and Brown added pressure to bring us home through the only method he could, the treasury. Even in government there is politics. Anyways, that got scuppered with some hints that the treasury was responsible for killing British soldiers blah blah which was both accurate and half the story.

    Since he's got in he's been withdrawing from Iraq. Bit by bit and spun to be a lot but never-the-less he's descoped the mission, downsized the assets and told Iraq and America to deal with it because we're off.

    I cannot say for a minute that I blame him. Ask yourself, what would Cameron have done? I don't see how this announcement can in anyway criticise Brown.
  13. Don't blame him at all. What exactly is the point of a continued presence we are paying for in blood and treasure? Are the Iraqi Government going to give us suitable compensation for helping rid them of a tyrant?
  14. But how absolute will the withdrawal be ? How many 'advisors' will we be leaving behind ?
  15. You're kidding, right?