So its going like this...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Daz_of_hudds, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. I have given myself two years to train up in before joining the army after uni July 2010 probably.

    Been at the gym since December now (1 day legs, 1 day arms/upper body/ Sunday off) stopped drinking for a while and cut me smoking down to two in the evening with a brew, and managed to almost cut a minuet of my 1.5 mile run time (have not got exact times but can tell), lifting more wights at higher reps and generally feel loads more confident (even got laid the other day :glomp: )

    So to anyone looking to join KEEP AT IT and you'll feel loads better!

    Daz :D
  2. Wow, thanks for a look at your exciting life :roll:
  3. Thats what she said... :wink:
  4. *Yawn* Bore off silly civvie.
  5. Sorry mate... just thought it might help give some other "silly civvies" some hope and inspiration :wink: Up to them if they like it or not...
  6. Good idea to cut the minuet off your one and a half miler...there is no place for baroque dancing in a serious fitness schedule...
  7. just had to look up baroque and minuet, how the hell do you know about that?! :p
  8. Stop mincing about and start training hard