So, is Saudia going to bail the world out. attempt two

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thegimp, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Why the fcuk did some one decided to arrsehole my thread as titled above

    Take your eyes off the US polls and this is the streaming media going on all around

    If you need links to have an awareness of the news of the day I've added one for you

    I can list up a shed load more from all the other major media sources

    Who the fcuk is white city, and which moderator has he got on the end of his ccok

    Its a current affairs topic get a grip :roll:
  2. Yes I do recall this story now, it has been somewhat lost due to the fever pitch excitement over the election over the pond.

    If rumours are believed that oil will fall to $15/barrel in the next couple of years SA will have its own problems to deal with.
  3. You didn't post a link and it sounded like drivel without it!
  4. Brent Crude has just gone through $60 heading South. Any bets on Oil getting to $40 a barrel in the next 6 weeks?
  5. I hope so!! Maybe the consumer will get passed on the benefit.
  6. You can bet your last barrel of the stuff that the savings will not all go to the consumer though.
    With a little luck it may reduce enough to prevent to many pensioners freezing to death this winter.

    As for Middle Eastern investment in the UK that has nothing to do with Brown, its simply Saudi money making the most of the oppurtunities created by the value of everything crashing.
  7. Unfortunately it won't Jagman The gas companies are saying thatsince they have bought gas for the entire winter period they will keep the prices at the level they are.
  8. Exactly right - good business by the Saudis - what they will get in return is profit streams from any British companies left after the current debacle.
  9. Well I hope you have absorbed the point of the post now. Sometimes this place is like taking GCSE English, modern style, get it on a plate, get which options to think and heavy handed, knee jerk moderation whipped up by shoot first ask questions later knobbers

    I'm five hours off UK time in the middle of nowhere and this story is all over the place, turn off your doctors/home and away/trisha/jeremy kyle

    This is can officially be described as a fecking internet flash!!!
  10. surely if the price of oil plummets and therefor the price of petrol/diesel plummets then so does Gordon's tax kick back?

    Or am I missing something?
  11. How is the Saudis donating to the IMF going to help them in purchasing British companies? Genuine question as I'm at a loss to see it.
  12. I have and have a look at may avatar. I'm not in a 5 star jobber either 8)
  13. Mr Brown has his eye on getting himself re-elected.
    If he lets prices on fuel and food etc come down and makes up the tax shortfall with borrowing he thinks it will be a vote winner.
    Trouble is he might be right.
    The hard times wil come after the next election but in the run upto it we can expect allsorts of skulduggery to create the illusion life is on the up
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I think you may find it is the sovreign wealth funds of Qatar, Abu Dabai and Norway that will underpin the next statement from Ecofin and will prove more relevant to the UK......the Saudi/IMF thing is either a sideshow or competitive initiative from the septics before the next G20, not sure which yet....
  15. According to the Times article it was Gordon that got the Saudis to donate.