So is fog all Kent polices fault now?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 1stgulfmac, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. Shock horror, people can't drive properly when there's weather of some kind.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sheppey is a ****ing shallow gene pool so thinning it out is a big plus.
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  3. I'm sure his report into the Terrorism Act will point out that it is all the work of saboteurs.
  4. Fog and fast drivers - Darwinism in action. I wonder how many of the cars are Audis?

    On the news just now one driver who avoided the pile up said that visibility was about 15 metres and cars were still driving past at speed without lights.

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  5. Saw the footage on the news. There was a lorry on there with Boom Transport written on the side of it but I don't think he saw that lot coming!
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  6. According to a very insane relative (who actually believes some of the shite spouted by David Ike) it wasn't fog, it's 'particulate haze' and is all due to chemicals sprayed by all aircraft creating 'chemtrails'

    so no, not the fault of Kent police, but space lizards who control the weather with planes.
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  7. But according to he who shant be named ( bouncy bloke) isnt that who Kent Police are i.e. Space Lizards.

    See he might be right...
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  8. Or BMW's
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  9. I heard It's all part of Kents RPU to get more overtime. I have it on good authority from a certain ARSSE member (BB) that the lead vehicle was an unmarked black rat that pulled a crash for cash scam to get it going...,,, must be true, no one on ARSSE tells lies right?

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  10. I blame the french....for no other reason than that they are French!!
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  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You cannot underestimate the power of cockness/dickheadeness that becoming a BMW driver has upon almost previously normal drivers, the sooner I get rid of the company 3 series the sooner I get back to being normal again. I do like to freak other drivers out though by allowing them to pull out at junctions!
  12. C'mon,we've had the local MP on TV,asked for his opinion about the pile up,started spouting "Well,I voiced my reservations when the new bridge was opened,Bad Lighting,not enough Emergency Telephones,and no hard Shoulder".

    That's the sort of moron they breed down here!

    A couple of years ago,mega pile up on the M20,around Maidstone/Wrotham Hill,thick fog,one of the excuses trotted out by numerous drivers "The Fog warning lights weren't switched on",I kid you not! =-\\\\
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  13. But how else would you know you are driving through fog without some warning lights telling you so!
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  14. That's only true if you are from Kent, which can sound very similar to the description of many of the inhabitants
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