So Irans getting the A-bomb. What about Pakistan?

So reading about the World today, we all know about the null turnout of the WMD in Iraq. Now the Persians have restarted their facility to refine fissile material for their own peaceful power stations (but they don’t need them –or so the Boss man says).

Still might take until 2009 to produce enough weapons grade and centrifuges and etc to build a weapon.

Who cares, the Pakistani’s have the bomb. Well...?

So far there have been many (failed) attempts to assassinate President Musharraf.

What gives if they? Do assassinate/overthrow Him?

Depending on who it is, it could be a free throw at the west with a real WMD.

Just wondering what the Pentagon’s planners might be thinking re the ever so slight chance they? Do get him and get a free throw at the Devil.

Mind, where exactly are Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran in relation to this peaceful place on the map?

Any thoughts?
Here's a thought: If there is a USA or Israeli strike on Iran, there's likely to be a change of management in Pakistan and the new regime may be less interested in preserving more or less cordial relations with the non-Islamic west.

Saudi government might get knocked over as well.
The 'Islamic coup' is nothing but a myth. If Musharraf dies, he will be replaced either by his second in command or the country will eventually return to the civilian rule it was under up until 1999. Musharraf has cleverly reinforced this notion that he is the West's only hope for Pakistan in order to bolster international support for himself. Pakistan is bigger than any one man. Also, it wouldn't be the first time a Pakistani leader has been killed in this way.

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