So i'm looking to join the army, but i'm in a bit of an awkward situation.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by blacksunempire, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. I joined up with the Royal Marines, and made it all the way to week 26(of 32) of training, before pretty much getting kicked out. Without getting into it too much, I think what happened to me was complete bullshit, with a little bit of bad luck and a very small amount of incompetency.

    However, I did make it all the way to week 26, had one opportunity at the Final Exercise of training, and failed.
    I was given Discharge Shore US(Unsuitable during training if i'm not mistaken.)

    So I guess i'm here to ask how this will affect my application to the army. Any information relating to this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. It'll have a massive effect, probably.
    that is the best you'll get without sharing more details.

    edited to add - have you asked at the careers information office yet?
  3. Without putting too fine a point on it you may well have dipped out but ask at the careers office.
  4. Royal isn't particularly noted for losing its blokes so late on in their training with out good reason.
  5. Heading there tomorrow.

    I'll go into a bit more detail. I failed the 2nd last exercise(Violent Entry) for a number of reasons which were completely falsified and this fucked me over, gave me a horrible report etc, saying I fell asleep on sentry, shit like that which to this day I'll deny. I even brought this up with two different Majors, including the training team and corporal that failed me and wrote the report, but to no avail.

    I was placed on Company Commanders warning for this, and from there, starting in a new troop pissed off, with a shitty report, things started going downhill. I redone the exercise and passed it, went through weeks 22 to 26 and then failed Final Ex. Now Final Ex was a terrible week for me.
    I won't lie, my performance was poor, and I deserved to fail it. Really I went into the exercise completely dejected and expecting failure, and that's what happened. I was not myself that week, and it was honestly one of the worst weeks in my life.
  6. To start with you need to loose the 'I was stitched up' resentful thing completely.

    You may feel like that at the moment, but verbalising it does you no credit whatsoever.

    The Royal have a great reputation for training and you certainly won't undo that by sounding churlish.

    Having said that there is no shame in failing, as average Joe would't get through the gate for day one week one and at least you gave it a good go.

    Units in a similarish line of work will, however, be a bit reluctant to be seen accepting Bootie cast offs, whatever the 'blurb' might say.

    Do you have decent academic quals? You write quite well and if so you could consider a more technical role as a matelot or even have a look at CrabAir if you are desperate.
  7. Its a shit, once you are pinged as a bit different or get the training teams back up you can go into a ******* spiral.

    Getting back trooped is a psychological blow, but it also allows you to grind through with a low profile in a new troop.....unless you are a complete biff. or your reputation follows you

    I personally watched a nod smashed into the ground by a training team that just didn't like the cut of his jib. He was determined and his performance was adequate but he was thrashed to ****, eventually he fell off the tarzan after being unfairly thrashed around the common. He broke his back and was discharged

    Others who are absolute ******* admin vortexs get through on what the training teams see as a character, comedian or a tryer

    You seem to be whinging about unfairness. You probably got pinged as a dripping, lower deck lawyer early on.

    I know an absolute admin hand grenade who passed out but eventually left as he was never gonna get anything but neat shit in a fighting company........He rejoined as a para, passed out and was last seen in the phots section of the book 3 Para

    I've no idea about rejoining but turning up at the career office and clucking on about how Royal saw you off will go down like a dogshit sandwich

    Quiet determination applied a long period of time may help you, otherwise **** off and accept you are heading for a call center job

    Life isn't always fair
  8. Edward, you are far too old to join up now, ask your mum. Get back to what you know, your chutney friends, the poncey media and your camouflage wife Sophie.
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  9. Bold - Reni aint' gonna like you dissing him blud? :)
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  10. Just go into the ACIO/AFCO and take in your Service Dishcharge sheet, you never passed training so would be a Re-enlister, from what you have said so far I can't see a problem why you wouldn't be able to start the application and a 203 be sent to MCM Div for the desk officer to make a call but it will be to them. So have an idea of what you would like to attempt, if its Infantry/Para then there may be a good chance but a lot of CEGs arent taking Re-enlisters at the moment, as said once you have had a chat with the recruiter they can determine more from your conduct and see what MCM says and also get your Med records etc from the RN.
  11. Give it a go, they can only say "no".
  12. You'll be fine. As soon as you tell the ACIO guys that once you heard;

    "join the Army be a man, join the Navy feel a man"

    They'll understand and sign you up.
  13. I'd have a go at joining the Royal Air Farce if I were you - I'm sure you'll fit in wonderfully. I'm not sure we want you in the Army, you ******* drip.
  14. I can't help thinking that there is more to this that your actually saying.

    If you fell asleep on stag then you would end up with an AGAI a charge maybe or a bad report at least.

    However reading further you mention bringing this up with two different Majors, the training team and corporals.

    So am I right in suggesting that you have basically chipped off at everyone you can find about a bad report then?

    Unsuitable During Training (DUDT) or Discharge Shore(US) would suggest that you are unsuited for the military lifestyle in the sense that you have misunderstood the chain of command and how things work.