so if you die is that it ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bad_pixel, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. I've always thought that you get erased, a bit like a CD, then you get a new start and you get drawn to all your mates in your new skin but they or you don't remember the previous time.
    what do other people think ?
  2. I think when you die you family will sell all your kit claim any compo and insurance policies and spunk it all on flash cars and hookers
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  3. FFS
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  4. Not IF, when.
    And yes, that's it. Unless you know different.......
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I didn't think you could erase CDs.
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  6. Has someone been into the cooking sherry?
  7. No, the brown muscat and metho.

    When you die you get taken to see our lord and master Xenu for a "personallity test".
  8. When you die all the bits which make you up fall apart. That is true whether you are buried or cremated. WTF do you think might survive that?

    Is this religious fuckwhittery?
  9. Does it matter, mate?

    Life is for living. Until the very last breath. You're not supposed to think about what happens when you've had it. Can't change it anyhow.

    There's more important stuff to ponder.


    - when have you last been round to your mate's for a decent piss-up?
    - when have you last shagged your girl/boyfriend so hard she clawed the skin off your arrse with her nails?
    - who's that little fuck setting my bin on fire ???

    These are the things you can actually do something about. Go and do it now.

    Honestly, kicking the oxygen habit is literally the LAST thing in your life you need to worry about...
  10. What happens if your 'mates' killed you for being a knobber? Do you still get drawn back to them? What if all your mates are dead? Do you just wander about the aether like the ginger kid in the playground?

    I'm coming back as a cat!
  11. Isn't this like a serious type question and shouldn't this be in the naafi? The OP should be spanked to death (and then tell us what its like) for posting in the wrong place.

    Anyway I don't think that's it completely, I want to believe that I can at least come back and haunt some fuckers.

    Then again I am pretty pissed right now....

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  12. What if the stray cat you've taken in three weeks ago IS one of your dead mates, drawn back to you in a fucked-up Hindi reincarnation?

    It would explain why the fleabag pisses into my boots.

    Little cunt.
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  13. <checks sign above door, scratches head bewildered>

    It IS in the NAAFI! isn't it?
  14. Like I said, I'm pissed. I meant it shouldn't be in the.... Ah fuck it

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  15. In that case my mates are fucked because that stray cat went in my home cooked spling lolls tonight! Just keeping the recipe authentic.... Sorry pal!