So if you could choose any personal weapon what would it be?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Schaden, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    tachyon cannon excluded.....

    1. Chopped FN Fal 7.62mm - folding stock.

    2. AK 47 - 74

    3. Galil 5.56mm
  2. A lazer partical de-celerator with the ability to launch 5.56mm Tactical Image identifying nuclear tips.
  3. A tub of processed cheese and a spud gun.
  4. 1. A duck

    2. Rain clouds

    3. 4 pence
  5. a kitten on a bungee cord

    a bottle full of tramps piss hand grenade

    a false limb with a bayonet

    or my all time favourite a fully dung laden finger and the willingness to use it.
  6. A stick gun with under-slung potato launcher. (and a string sling).
  7. 1. A cutting wit

    2. Disarming good looks

    3. Trident
  8. 1x trebuchet + 1x large wookie slathered in KY.

    10 Year old biscuits brown fashioned into crunchy throwing stars.
  9. 1. A red chilli (ever chopped one and then accidently rubbed your eye/todger?)

    2. A bit of wood with nails sticking out.

    3. A vial of Ebola.
  10. I already have mine, it's called breasts.
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  11. So you can kill people with them?
    Are they shaped like Madonnas pointy bra thing or summat?
  12. Lee Enfield Mk3 .303" with Sword bayonnet

    Pump action yoghurt gun

    A rolled up copy of "Big Ones Monthly"

  13. You cunt! I nearly died of laughter at that! :D
  14. No, but if you shoved your grid between them you'd suffocate
  15. 1. Pen 1 s

    2. Medium sliced loaf

    3. Sonic toothbrush (Fully charged of course) :D