So if you could choose any personal weapon what would it be?


Deleted 20555

tachyon cannon excluded.....

1. Chopped FN Fal 7.62mm - folding stock.

2. AK 47 - 74

3. Galil 5.56mm
A lazer partical de-celerator with the ability to launch 5.56mm Tactical Image identifying nuclear tips.
a kitten on a bungee cord

a bottle full of tramps piss hand grenade

a false limb with a bayonet

or my all time favourite a fully dung laden finger and the willingness to use it.
A stick gun with under-slung potato launcher. (and a string sling).
1. A red chilli (ever chopped one and then accidently rubbed your eye/todger?)

2. A bit of wood with nails sticking out.

3. A vial of Ebola.
1. Pen 1 s

2. Medium sliced loaf

3. Sonic toothbrush (Fully charged of course) :D
Daede said:
Change Friends to 'Will and Grace' and you would be locked up by the Hague.
Friends is still potent - and banned by most civilised and sentient warfighting nations.

I notice the first poster on this thread chose actual weapons - sick or what?
Left hand oar from my dingy

Bit of coax cable laying on the floor in front of me

And my trusty dog Max

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