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So I was out a run today

I went a run and I went a bit further than usual, normal run is 1.5 miles but I went for 3 miles today (no problems at all)
but when I got back one of my socks was stained with blood, upon taking it off my middle toe was cover in the stuff! I've cleaned it up and there is no sign of a cut anywhere :?
The only explanation I can come to is the blood is coming from the edge of my nail (cuticle? quick?)
Has anyone else expirienced this? and what is the cure so to speak?
(there is no pain what so ever but I thought I'd ask as I am pirbright bound soon )
bleeding feet - you're f**ked. No pain? no problem. Keep your feet clean and nails cut etc, they'll soon harden up.
Yeah was thinking of just ignoring them and keep on running, dare the weak bastwered feet to defy me!
So there is no one here that has had this problem? Worried now
certain, the blood is just at the tip of the sock (please god do not let that be a wah)
yeah I had it before just gotta change your running shoes or get half a size larger.
SandysOpinion said:
certain, the blood is just at the tip of the sock (please god do not let that be a wah)
Got it at the moment mate, just good footadmin will sort it out. Put a plaste ron it to minimise soft fluff from socks infecting it.
It's also worth getting some good quality (slightly more expensive too, i'm afraid) sports socks if your feet are a bit on the soft* side. I take it you've got your trainers done up correctly, not too tight but not so loose that there is movement around the heal?


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